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Your Guide To Waterproofing

20MCC - Standard Working Process

Your Guide To Waterproofing

20MCC - Standard Working Process

Waterproofing Solutions and Construction Services

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Waterproofing is an essential phenomenon of any building project. It ensures a structure is 100% resistant to water infiltration thereby preventing irreversible and expensive damage.

Foundation Repair

Foundation repair is required when the base or framework of any building, industry, or structure is damaged and needs to be repaired.

Water Repellent

Water repellent service provides hydrophobic coatings that withstand water intrusion. Water repellent is a technology that is extremely helpful in protecting against water damage.

Plaster Work

Plaster is an exceptionally strong building material that imparts durability to a structure from its foundation to its height. This also includes the ceilings, walls, and corners of every room.

Prevent water leakage issues by employing the best waterproofing chemicals. We offer a wide variety of products for bonding, sealing, reinforcing, and structural strengthening among various other chemicals and water repellent services. Our products comply with international standards of performance in treating and preventing cracks and dampness in the walls and ceilings of your space. They also help in blocking rusting of steel bars while improving the durability of structures. Explore our revolutionary range of waterproofing and construction chemicals and get the best waterproofing solutions from our experts.


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Projects By 20MCC (Apply & Supply)

At 20MCC, we specialize in providing a comprehensive range of industrial waterproofing solutions, including application and supply services. Our product offerings cater to various needs such as admixtures for concrete, plaster curing compounds, waterproofing chemicals, and crack repair. Additionally, we offer products to tackle issues like efflorescence, salt, algae/fungi, paint peel-off, dampness, and water-repellent products.





India's Best Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repair Experts

Basement waterproofing is required when a property or part of the structure is constructed at ground level or below. In likely circumstances, water build-up occurs in the ground surrounding the basement, leading to hydrostatic water pressure. This pressure impacts the floor and walls of the basement resulting in water infiltration through joints, cracks, and structural vulnerabilities. Without basement waterproofing, this situation can eventually lead to mould, decay, dampness, and other structural problems. Foundational issues may also occur due to direct exposure of internal manufacturing materials to moisture, sunlight, and water in different situations. 20 MCC provides the best approach to basement waterproofing solutions for all types of problems.

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Client Love Us

20 MCC - Complete Waterproofing Solutions

“ Madhuvan Co-Operative Hsg Society feels glad to avail services offered by 20 MCC for their terrace and basement waterproofing. We are happy with the outcomes they provided in the stipulated time! Thanks to their entire team for the excellent work done. ”

20 MCC - Complete Waterproofing Solutions
Rakesh Nandwana
( Builder )

“ After carrying out the foundation repair in our concrete industry, we don’t need any major repairing work. Their methodology by which they completed the work was found completely satisfactory. Based on the professionalism with which they work, we recommend 20 MCC to other parties. ”

20 MCC - Complete Waterproofing Solutions
Rahul Sharma
( Contractor )

“ I haven’t seen such dedication & professionalism in the work from any other organization, which I have experienced with 20MCC. They provided me with adequate solutions, and prevented the wasteful patchworks & reworks. I am thankful to the team for providing 100% customer satisfaction ”

20 MCC - Complete Waterproofing Solutions
Ankita Mehta
( Customer )

“ I am glad that I appointed the 20MCC team to perform the waterproofing work in my area. Being professionals, they performed their work very well, after understanding the root of the issue. I will surely recommend them! ”

20 MCC - Complete Waterproofing Solutions
Ajay Gahlot
( Customer )

“ 20 MCC offers a powerful set of techniques that every builder looks for. Our construction company greatly appreciates the support they provided. Thanks to all the team members who meet our expectations. ”

20 MCC - Complete Waterproofing Solutions
Hemant Agrawal
( Customer )