Basement Waterproofing

Poor waterproofing in the basement can lead to many issues, and even seepage can cause extensive damage, if not fixed properly. Thus, our expert Basement Waterproofing solutions are excellent to protect not only the walls of your basement but also make interiors and exteriors water-resistant.

However, water in soil causes hydrostatic pressure to exert underneath basement floors and walls. This pressure can force water to enter through cracks, leading to significant structural damage such as mould, decay, and moisture-related problems. So, whether you have an old or recently built building, in order to prevent basement damage, you need to get basement waterproofing from professionals.
With 20MCC expert assistance, you get the most effective solution for basement waterproofing as per the nature of the problem.

Best Construction Chemicals for Basement Waterproofing

From 20MCC, you will get the most effective basement waterproofing solutions to protect the building from further damage. We offer a range of waterproofing chemicals that can be used during construction. The Micronsil 30C Plus is one of the most effective water repellents. It is the perfect waterproofing solution to achieve plaster, mortar, roof, and wall waterproofing.


Here, at 20MCC, you will get the best waterproofing solution, by applying the wide range of waterproofing chemical products supervised by waterproofing experts.


Role of 20MCC in Basement Waterproofing Solutions

20MCC works to strengthen the durability of buildings and minimize recurring expenses by providing the most suitable waterproofing solutions. We are the leading waterproofing company that offers quality, customization, sustainability, and innovative waterproofing solutions.

We offer various services such as:

  • 1. Waterproofing services
  • 2. Foundation Repair Services
  • 3. Water Repellent Services
  • 4. Plaster Work Services
  • 5. Crack Filling Services
  • 6. Precast Structure Construction Services
  • 7. Heat Insulation Services

Get your basement waterproofing solutions from one of the leading waterproofing companies – 20MCC.

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