Bathroom Waterproofing

Bathrooms are a sensitive area of our home that requires everyday maintenance and needs to be kept hygienic. Thus, to prevent any water outflow or leakage from the bathroom, bathroom waterproofing becomes essential. And for this, 20 MCC is the leading industry in waterproofing solutions that is known for its excellent services

Bathroom waterproofing requires you to make the bathroom entirely dry and moisture-free. This can be done by not using it for a couple of days (4-5 days). After this one can use waterproofing solutions or chemicals as per guided by their waterproofing expert.

What is The Need For Bathroom Waterproofing?

The bathroom of our home is the area that gets in touch with water every now and then. This is the reason why bathroom waterproofing becomes an essential part of bathroom maintenance. Along with that,

  • 1. Bathroom waterproofing helps in preventing water from seeping into other parts of the house.
  • 2. It increases the worth of the house. Bathroom waterproofing increases the total value of the property.
  • 3. The space of our washrooms can become entirely messy because of the water. Our bathroom waterproofing solutions keep leakage at bay. We use premium quality chemicals including Micronsil 30C Plus, Nanosil, Cracksil, etc for making the space super hygienic

Best Construction Chemicals for Bathroom Waterproofing

There are a number of construction chemicals used for bathroom waterproofing. The bathroom waterproofing experts from 20 MCC do offer a wide variety of waterproofing chemicals. Among all, Nanosil is one of the best.

Micronsil 30C Plus

Micronsil 30C Plus comes under the category of affordable waterproofing chemicals. It is one of the best for plaster and wall waterproofing. The mixture also helps in reducing the temperature of the ceiling and walls of the bathroom.


Nanosil is a solvent-free water-resistant product that suits best for bathroom waterproofing. This mixture is used on the surface before or after applying the paint. Also, it can be used before and after the construction. This chemical is one of the suggestions from waterproofing experts who find it extremely efficient in guarding the infrastructure from water.


Cracksil is used as water repellent adhesive in construction. It is a modified polymeric powder. In addition to being used in construction, Cracksil is also used in walls to seal and fill the cracks.


Here, at 20MCC, you will get the best waterproofing solution, by applying the wide range of waterproofing chemical products supervised by waterproofing experts.


Role of 20 MCC in Bathroom Waterproofing Solutions

20 MCC has a bunch of bathroom waterproofing experts who spend hours every day discovering and analysing customer demands. They spend time knowing what exactly the customers expect from bathroom waterproofing solutions.

There’s no word called the perfect waterproofing solution but we can bet that the 20 MCC products are very close to that perfection. The quality we offer makes the waterproofing last for a time longer than expected.

You can get in touch with our expert today at 1800-233-2735. Our team will be obliged to serve you in any way.

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