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Bathroom Waterproofing In India: 5 Important Factors Why to Have It

Bathroom Waterproofing: Waterproofing Solutions for your home

The bathroom is one of the most important features of a residential structure. However, sometimes, it turns out to be one of the most neglected spaces. It is a place we get to unwind and relax. But since it experiences a lot of moisture, it is susceptible to a lot of issues. When you are planning a home renovation project bathroom waterproofing should be at the top of your list. If you install bathroom tiles without waterproof coating, it results in future bathroom issues in terms of structure and health. 

Before you plan for bathroom waterproofing, you must understand the importance of it so that you can make an informed decision. 

Importance of Bathroom Waterproofing

Before you undertake any project, consider consulting a professional waterproofing expert. Your bathrooms need waterproofing too. There are a lot of contractors available providing varied types of waterproofing services but you have to choose a legit one like 20MCC.

  1. Prevents water from seeping to other parts of the house

  2. Increases the value of your property

  3. Creates a suitable bathroom environment

  4. Keeps the leaks at bay

  5. Low maintenance costs

Now, let’s dive straight into its significance, on why you should opt for us. 

Reason: #1 Prevents water from seeping to other parts of the house

We all know that when a building is exposed to high moisture and humidity it will cause damage. In the bathroom, water on the tiles and grout will dry up. But beneath the floor, there is trapped water that doesn't dry. The water will start to seep through to surrounding corners, walls, and ceilings. The problem may take a while before it is realized but if it is ignored it will cause major damage to your home. A waterproof coating during construction or remodeling will help avoid this issue. Hiring suitablewaterproofing servicesduring the initial stages of construction ensures a solid waterproofing foundation for your bathroom.

Reason: #2. Increases the value of your property

Home Waterproofing Solutions

Bathroom waterproofing is not cheap. In fact, it is a valuable investment that adds to your profit if you opt to resell your property. Buyers are willing to invest in a property that already has comprehensive waterproofing solutions in place. And the bathroom is one of the most critical aspects of it. Plus, if you think about it, a residential property that is not waterproofed will sell for a lower price. And if it has water damage, you will have to sell it for a loss. 

Reason: #3. Creates a suitable bathroom environment

The bathroom is known as a wet area because it is often exposed to moisture. This makes it susceptible to mold growth and dampness. However, bathroom waterproofing will create a barrier between the plaster, the tiles, and the concrete to prevent water from leaking. As soon as you see the warning signs of an infestation, you can get constructions chemicals such as Tigersil and Nanosil from 20MCC. They prevent wall dampness, mold growth, and leakages immediately. This helps to create a healthy and comfortable bathroom.

Reason: #4. Keeps the leaks at bay

A leaking shower is a troublesome thing that any homeowner has to deal with. It makes the space uncomfortable every time you step into the bathroom. It can spoil the aesthetics of the space and damage the structures such as the ceilings and walls. 20MCC offers bathroom waterproofing solutions for a leaking shower. We employ premium quality products such as Nanosil, Tigersil, Micronsil 30, and Micronsil 30C Plus which act as a strong waterproofing sealant. When you get the right waterproofing company you are assured of a durable, safe, and comfortable bathroom. 

Reason: #5. Low maintenance costs

Bathroom waterproofing is not a cheap process. But it assures a substantial reduction in recurrent repair costs. Besides, you will be free from any leaks, mold and algae growth, and dampness. Legit waterproofing services use quality products to repair any space. 20MCC uses technology-proven products such as Cracksil- A Wall crack filler to seal wall cracks and other products that provide top-notch results.

Bathroom Waterproofing Solutions

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