Wall Cracks



How To Deal With The Wall Cracks?

Worried about the wall cracks, Why cracks do occur?

Cracks can occur anywhere from drywall, plaster, or even on the concrete wall. It’s unpleasant, an eyesore, and nobody will like to have them on the walls of their home or office. Usually, the natural settling of the wall over the period of time causes these awful-looking cracks to occur and they make your expensively painted wall look unattractive devaluing your interior. But the good news is, it is repairable. Yes, there are many wall crack filler materials available in the market these days using which you can easily fill these cracks and make restore the beauty of the walls.

Understanding the reasons behind these cracks is very important as it can help you in dealing with them and even help in preventing future possible cracks in the walls. One of the main reasons is the natural expansion or contraction of the material like plaster & paint that have been used in the wall. These make the wall expand or contract due to the fluctuations in the temperature and humidity levels. It’s common if the wall is within a room be regularly air-conditioned or exposed to the sun. They generally cause hairline cracks on the walls. Often the quality of paint is also responsible for these cracks on the walls. Low-quality paints usually lose their adhesive properties soon and allow cracks to form on the wall and hence it is very important to use only the best quality paints for the walls. Even the use of different kinds of paints for each paint coat can make some space for the cracks so it is always advisable to use only a single type of paint throughout the paint job. Another important cause of cracks is the impatient or improper paint job. Common human errors like missing out the layer or applying another coat too soon even before the last one are completely dried can lead to the formation of the cracks over time. Patience is a must while doing the paint job. Not letting cement plaster completely dry before applying the paint is a common factor attributed to those unpleasant cracks on the walls.

Solution for the wall crack problem

It becomes quite easier to deal with the cracks if you have the correct understanding of their cause and the right tools to repair them. Most importantly, it’s very important to focus on the quality of the products you use.

Good quality wall crack-filling products like wall crack-filling chemicals “CRACKSIL” can be very beneficial for you making your walls look better and preventing the future occurrence of cracks in them.

How Cracksil works?

Cracked walls? Looking for a way to permanently fix those unsightly cracks on the walls of your home or office? We offer a perfect solution to make your walls look more beautiful than ever before.

Get CRACKSIL by 20MCC, one of thebest wall crack-filling productsin India offering a very Strong adhesion to common building substrates. It is an ideal product for constructors, contractors, civil engineers, and architects.

How to apply Cracksil?

Cracksil comes with a Very Strong adhesion, it’s easy to use, and can also work as a surface leveler before painting and doesn’t shrink even after curing. All this comes with D.I.Y. and no added skills are required. Clean the surface to remove any dust. Widen the crack to at least 3 mm width and moisten it. Set the water consistency according to the required viscosity. Apply cracksil in the crack with a putty blade. Allow it to cure.