Methoda to treat Roof Leakage Issues



5 Methods to Fix Roof Leakage Issues by Experts

Do you know? A house or building roof is one of the most critical areas prone to roof leakage issues. However, the roof is the fifth wall of the house and it is as substantial as all other four walls. Thus, it requires some extra care and maintenance. This is because the roof is highly exposed to various climatic conditions such as heavy rains, continuous rains for a long time, heavy storms, and many more. That is why the roof is more prone to roof leakage issues and if not dealt quickly it creates more problems.

You can sometimes fix small leaks using a few tools and supplies from your local home center, but if the leakages are severe, you need to get in touch with the waterproofing experts or company that provides the most effective waterproofing solutions.  Book your free consultation with the experts of 20MCC 

To learn how to fix roof leakage and the smart solutions for leakage free roofs, read on this blog. But before that firstly understand why it is imperative to fix roofs.  

Importance of Fixing Roof Leakage Issues

A roof leakage issue should be addressed immediately, even if it seems like a minor problem. This is because a small crack in your roof can cause big problems that extend beyond your roof. The problem of water penetration could cause your home's framing and sheathing to rot, causing your insulation or ceiling to be destroyed.

Here are some reasons why you need to repair the roof:

  1. Leaky roofs cause initial damage to the ceiling. In addition, it makes room for ceiling plaster and paint.  

  2. Water leakage can damage all the critical fixtures that are mounted on the ceiling, turning it into a dangerous situation.

  3. It makes its way into the walls and can be the source of seepage and dampness in the house.

  4. Constant water intrusion can cause peeling of paint, dampness on the walls, and cracking of plaster.

  5. The dampness on the walls is the most conducive spot for mold and mildew to grow. These molds can cause some serious health issues such as allergies, asthma, and respiratory diseases.

  6. In case, the ingress of water is constant, it can easily make its way from the roof through walls and into the foundation of the house. This will leads to very serious foundation damage that will be costly to repair.

If you are facing these issues, you should immediately get in contact with a Roof waterproofing company to repair your roof.

Now, let’s have a look at methods to fix roof leakage issues.

5 Methods to Fix Roof Leakage Issues

As leakage is not caused by just one place, there is no one method to fix a leaking roof. The best way to fix roof leakage issues for your roof depends on the analysis performed by a Roof Waterproofing company with the help of experts. Check our roof waterproofing solutions to handle leakage issues

Once the leakage source has been identified, you can use the approach below that best suits your situation. However, most of these approaches are simple and won’t take much time.

1. Replace Vent Boots

Many roofs have vertical pipes known as vent stacks that connect to plumbing fixtures in your home and release pressure from your plumbing system. However, these vents often have a base or boot that is made of plastic, metal, or flexible rubber. Any cracks, tears, rot, or broken seams in a ridge can result in roof leakage. So, here comes the role of the waterproofing company, 20MCC, to replace the vent with a new one and thus, control the roof leakage issues.

2. Old Mounting Holes

It is possible for water to penetrate through the tiny holes left behind by old vents, satellite dishes, or antenna mounting brackets on the roof. So, to patch these holes and prevent water from getting in, we will follow these steps:

  • Pull out the misplaced nails from the roof

  • Slip a piece of roof flashing or Nanosil from 20MCC underneath the shingle where the hole is located.

  • Finally, secure the flashing with Micronsil 30C Plus roof cement on the top and bottom edge.

In case, you find it difficult to locate the holes on the roof, then the 20MCC waterproofing experts will ease your work.

3. Step Flashing

You will find the short sections of overlapping L-Shaped flashing around your chimney or on walls that intersect with your shingle roof. Although, these pieces of flashing will direct water directly downhill from the shingles. But when they rust or come loose they can let water underneath the shingles. Then, to replace of a rusted piece of flashing will be followed through these steps:

  • Carefully loosen the shingles near the flashing.

  • Carefully remove the old flashing and place a new piece of it.

  • Secure the new flashing using Micronsil 30C Plus Detail roofing cement.

  • Finally, nail the flashing and shingles back to their original place.

When you don't have enough time to do the waterproofing yourself, it's best to hire professionals from 20MCC to do the job and relieve you from roof leakage issues.

4. Cracked Walls and Dormers

Cracks at any location within the roof such as between the corner boards and windows can be the entry point for water. If you see any cracks in dormer walls from old or missing caulk, it’s time to fix them immediately. Use wall crack filler - Cracksil for cracked walls and dormers.

5. Fix Roof Vents

Identify the cracked housings on plastic roof vents with broken seams on metal ones. You might be tired of throwing caulk at the problem but that solution won’t work. There is no solution other than replacing it with a new roof vent. Apart from this, also look for pulled or missing nails at the bottom edge then replace them with rubber washer screws.

Why 20MCC for Solving Roof Leakage Issues?

Ignoring roof issues can be disastrous for you and takes a huge chunk of money from your pockets. Hence, it is highly recommended to contact a waterproofing company that is 20MCC as soon as possible to resolve the problem.  

At 20MCC, we provide you with the best roof waterproofing solutions and guarantee 100% resistance to water as well as preventing irreversible and expensive damages. We provide waterproofing solutions that successfully eliminate dampness, efflorescence, fungal growth, leakages, and more from sheds, tanks, and underground areas.

If your roof is leaking, contact 20MCC waterproofing contractors for Roof Leakage issues.