Roof Waterproofing Solutions



Roof Waterproofing Solution - Smart Solution for Leakage-Free Roofs

Roof waterproofing solutions: A Smart Way to Waterproof Terrace and Roof

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of monsoons? A hot cup of tea with some fritters? The sweet earthy smell of soil when it is embraced by the first rains? The rainy season is always a sign of relief after a long summer but with this here comes some challenges. 

Heavy rains accompanied by strong winds can cause a lot of harm to the roofing of our homes. Do you have a roof waterproofing solution? The roof is the first line of defense for your home. Thus, when it is damaged then the exteriors and interiors of your home can become an eyesore. If rainwater leaks through your roof then it will crack the walls, dampen the ceilings and cause paint to peel off. Also, a damaged house can result in a lot of health issues for your family. 

Therefore, you must have a roof waterproofing solution for your home. This will help you minimize the harm done during the rainy season. Also, you will be assured of its durability for a long time. 

Solve The Roof Leakage Problems In Your Houses/Premises

Roof Waterproofing Solutions

If you are thinking about a quick fix for your roof then you should think again. A roof waterproofing solution is the best decision that you could make for your home. There are immense benefits of waterproofing materials such as longevity, saving on cost, energy efficiency, and easy installation. 

20MCC is a waterproofing expert company that provides affordable and appropriate solutions to your leaky roofs. Here is a look at some of the waterproofing chemicals you can use for your roof. 

1. Tigersil

Tigersil - Waterproofing Chemical For Leakage Free Roofs

Damp walls can cause serious structural harm to your building and cause serious health issues to your family. Identifying a damp wall could take a certain time, but you can easily evaluate these telltale signs; the emergence of mould, musty smell, and moisture on the windows. Luckily there is a solution available for this issue with 20mcc named - Tigersil chemical solution. It is a roof manufactured from the latest nanotechnology. Tigersil does not only solve damp walls but also chipping paint, moulds, fungus, algae, and leaking terraces. The solution is applied both on the exterior and interior walls. Also, it can be used as a roof waterproofing solution in the form of paint. Always make sure that you check for the correct surface usage of Tigersil for it to work perfectly. 

2. Nanosil

Nanosil - Waterpoofing Chemical

Nanosil is one of the best roof waterproofing solutions that you can use. It is a silicon-based product that not only protects your roof and underlying material from moisture but also from UV rays. It acts as an extra layer of protection underneath your roof. Nanosil can be applied during or after construction and it does not leave any marks making it a better fit than other waterproofing chemicals. Also, it can be used on several materials such as concrete walls, cement, fibre curbstone, natural stones treatments like marble and sandstone, among others. 

3. Cracksil

Cracksil - Best Waterproofing Chemical

Cracked walls are usually not something to worry about when the cracks are minute. But they can cause a serious underlying issue when they are the major ones. Leaky roofs can cause cracks because the moisture softens the walls making them susceptible to tears. You should not only look for roof waterproofing solutions but also for your walls. Cracksil is a polymeric-based agent that is used with ceramic plaster and grout lines finishings due to its water-resistant effect. This will result in low moisture absorption and then no wall cracks. Also for Cracksil, it doesn't require any sanding like other products. 

20 MCC - Superior Quality Roof Waterproofing Solutions

Are you facing a leaking roof, damp walls, algae, fungus, and mould? Then you should approach 20MCC who deals in providing the best waterproofing solutions. We are one of the leading top-notch waterproof solutions companies in India and have a vast variety of waterproofing chemicals that can be used for both residential and commercial projects. Book your appointment today to get the estimation to treat the roof, walls, terraces, wet areas, and flooring. 

You mention your problem and we will provide perfect waterproofing solutions. Did we mention that all our products are cost-effective? Yes, we provide quality waterproofing materials that are available at a fair price. 

Get in touch with us today to shelter your sweet home from the wrath of the rainy season!