Repair wide cracks in Concrete





Solidity and strength are the general symbolic images that come to our mind when hearing the word “concrete”. In the context of buildings and construction aspects, the concretized structure are usually substantial. However, there are instances where wide cracks in concrete happen due to many reasons. These concrete cracks can be repaired and fixed. So let’s look into the broader aspects of this concrete improvement step by step.

The Reasons for the cracks 

Before looking at the steps involved in repairing concrete, let’s try to understand the reason for this problem.

When the mixture of gravel, cement, sand, and water is not appropriately blended during the concretization, the damage can happen, resulting in wide cracks. The proportion of all elements in the making of concrete blocks or surfaces needs to in balance. Indeed, the correct ratio is the key to its quality.

Extreme weather conditions like excessive heat can also lead to wide cracks in concrete.

In the initial few days of concrete construction, water needs to be poured at regular intervals for its strength. So lack of primary treatment can be one of the major reasons for getting wide cracks in concrete.

Solution for the concrete cracks

Cracks in concrete are a common scenario and have a solution to them. The wide cracks can be sealed and patched with an efficient concrete patching element. If the concrete crack is smaller, it can be easily repaired with caulk or liquid filler. The patching compounds that involve in the repair of cracks can be used with trowels. The patch texture is smooth and can apply accordingly to fix the cracks. However, the color of the patch in concrete will be different. To maintain a unanimous color, surface painting is the best option to opt for.

Steps to repair wide cracks in concrete

The steps involved in repairing concrete cracks are not complicated, but adequate attention and proper implementation need to be ensured to fix this problem more efficiently. Here we go with the step-by-step process of repairing a wide concrete crack.

1. It’s time to fix the crack, so the patch material must work efficiently on the break. To ensure that creating an inverted “V” shape on the side of the cracks will be helpful and recommended. This helps in creating a mechanical bond between the cracks and patches.

2. It is crucial to use the best crack filler for the walls and the right tools while repairing the crack walls. Using chisel and hammer, the cracks need to widen up for putting sufficient patching components into the gaps.

3. Using a brush, clean the crack properly, removing all the debris. If needed, you can clean the gap with water or a spray nozzle.

4. Make sure that there is no water in the cracks. Slight moisture or wet surface will be fine, but water logging in damages should not be there.

5. Another critical step is the mixing of the patching compound proportionally. Follow the manufactures guidance if required.

6. Using the trowel, fill the wide crack with the prepared compound. Make sure to fill it in the correct quantity; the fillings shouldn’t be overfilled or less sealed.

7. Use the trowel to smooth the sides and surface of the patch. Also, with the help of a dry paintbrush, the patch compound surface could be textured up.

8. Allow the patch surface to get dry. Don’t pour water or put pressure on the surface unless the patching compound area is arid and fixed.

9. The wide cracks in the concrete are now thus resolved. However, the color of the patch is may distinctly noticed. So you can paint or patch the surface accordingly.

Narrow Concrete Cracks and Repair

Narrow concrete cracks are generally much deeper compared to wider ones. These cracks are usually small and need a different mode of repair. Masonry cracks elastomeric filler with a caulking gun is one of the most acceptable solutions for such damages. However, there are other ways, like vinyl concrete patching is also very efficient for narrow cracks.

Final Note

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