Wall Waterproofing Solutions Requirements



All You Need to Know While Waterproofing the Walls

Houses look more beautiful when the walls are free of dampness, mold, mildew, and germs. Applying for wall waterproofing solutions can help you with this. Newly painted walls appear healthier, but have you ever wondered how to maintain these healthy walls for a long time? People often hear about wall waterproofing, but they aren't aware of why exactly it is required and functions when it should be conducted, and what the most viable options are. Furthermore, they aren't aware of why it needs to be done by experts. Here, we tell you everything that you need to know about waterproofing walls.

When Do You Need Wall Waterproofing?

Are you seeing paint peeling, bubbling, or cracks appearing on the walls, then it is a clear sign that your wall needs waterproofing. However, the most ideal time to get waterproofing done is at the time of construction as it ensures less damage and lowers the costs involved in rectifying problems. Over time, it requires maintenance.

Waterproofing is designed with impermeable coatings and cement backer boards are used at the time of repair and renovation of the building. During construction, wall waterproofing involves the preparation of a concrete mixture that includes liquid waterproofing compounds that are capable of reducing and absorbing moisture.

At the time of construction, adhesives and grouts are used for tiling. When you are looking for waterproofing after years of construction, consult an expert for performing wall waterproofing first. Experts clearly monitor the source of the problem and perform an action accordingly. Whether you talk about seepage problems or wall cracks, we have solutions on how to treat them.  Also, check for problems like peeling, bubbling of walls, and many more things, before applying waterproofing solutions to protect the walls from further damage. 

With Micronsil 30C, one gets the most effective wall waterproofing solution. It is a 100% mineral-based multi-tasking water repellent that is composed of reactive colored silica with additional treated minerals.

Where Does It Need To Be Done?

The main area for waterproofing should be your bathroom because it is the place where most of the water ingress occurs throughout the year, continuously. Seepage also affected adjacent walls.

The best waterproofing expert- 20 MCC, also recommends treating and preventing dampened walls from outside factors such as heavy rain. To know how to prevent them, read on this blog

Steps in Waterproofing

Waterproofing is critical for keeping your house hygienic and aesthetically pleasing. Let’s understand the steps for wall waterproofing.  

Why Does Your Wall Corner Require Waterproofing

1. Identify the Problem

The very first step is to identify the problem areas or walls that are constantly exposed to rainwater. Finding problems can be tricky and time-consuming so it’s wise to consult waterproofing experts from 20MCC. Our waterproofing expert will conduct an on-site inspection to identify the root cause of leakage and moisture in the ceilings, walls, and floors. They recommend the most suitable waterproofing solution based on the extent of damages and problems caused by seepage.

2.  Cure the Cause of Dampness

The cause of moisture in walls is not only rain and seepage but it can also be caused by faulty pipes or cracks in the exterior walls. However, leaking pipes should be replaced immediately or repaired whereas cracks should be filled with superior quality fillers and putty to prevent further damage.

3. Prepare Surface for Waterproofing

Before waterproofing, the surface should be prepared first by rectifying the cause of leakage or seepage, as well as sanding rough and uneven patches for a smooth finish. Preparing the surface before waterproofing will ensure that the waterproofing solution will stick to the surface and give the most effective results.

4. Application of Waterproofing Solution

Plaster Work Services - 20MCC

Before applying for painting operations, perform Plaster Work Services to reduce the temperature of walls or ceilings up to 30C to get moisture-free walls, plaster, and mortar.

Further, you can apply the waterproofing solution to the walls using a roller, brush, or spray. This is recommended by a waterproofing expert. The best wall waterproofing solution to be used along with the paint is Nanosil. This waterproofing solution is mixed with paint, instead of water to prolong the life of the paint. 

Our waterproofing experts use all the correct techniques when waterproofing your walls. They also follow all safety protocols to prevent infection from spreading.       

Why 20MCC For Wall Waterproofing Solutions?

With 20MCC, you get a complete solution for your construction projects. Our aim is to strengthen the durability of buildings and minimize recurring expenses by providing the most effective waterproofing solutions ever. We at 20MCC strive to provide our clients and customers with the highest quality waterproofing services that are innovative, customized, sustainable, and high-quality.

Apart from Wall Waterproofing, 20MCC offers services like foundation repair, water repellent, plaster work, crack filling, precast structure construction, and heat insulation.

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