Construction Chemicals

 What are Construction Chemicals?  

Construction chemicals are nothing but chemical compounds that play a crucial role in building structures. Its primary use is to speed up the workflow in the formations of various construction sites that may be underdeveloped or already developed. Furthermore, they are blended up with various structure materials to enhance productivity, add strength, durability, boost functionality and act as a protective shield for the other materials.


Due to modernization and urbanization, there is a significant rise in public, commercial and residential buildings across the globe that lead to the demand for construction chemical manufacturing and supplier companies. With this, the Asia Pacific region dominates as the largest share market for construction chemical suppliers, followed by North America and Europe. In which, China is the largest market for construction chemical suppliers globally, succeeding with India, Brazil, Russia and Australia which are expected to augment the global market.


 Role of 20 MCC Construction Chemicals  

To know how you can cater the solutions to meet the specific requirements with our proven and exceptional products.

1. Refine the durability, weather ability and aesthetics of dry mix materials, such as grout, joint fillers, tile adhesives, mortar, stucco, render, EIFS and self-levelling flooring.

2. Enhance the durability, weather ability and aesthetics of cement-based materials like decorative concrete, concrete, fibre-reinforced cement, concrete paver blocks, mortar, skim-coat applications and non-load bearing precast concrete.

3. Prevent from water absorption and from its subsequent damages such as rebar corrosion, efflorescence, freeze-thaw damage, mould and mildew with post-treatment hydrophobic agents.

4. Amplify the performance, workability and applications with glycol ethers, defoamers and polyglycol.

5. Maximize the durability and aesthetic standards for walls with cementitious waterproofing membranes, gypsum mortars, finishing compounds, liquid-applied barriers and more.



 Areas Where Construction Chemicals are Applicable 

Construction chemicals are important for sustainable infrastructure and energy conservation in the construction industry. The applications of construction chemicals are divided into-

1. Residential

2. Industrial

3. Infrastructure

4. Repair Structures


These chemicals are widely used in residential infrastructure, owing to the rise in demand for housing and domiciliary buildings in modern areas. For various industries that deal in construction as well as for contractors, these chemicals can bloom productivity. Adding to this, in repairing structures like waterproofing chemicals and in various maintenance segments, these compounds are magic.


Whether you are a contractor or the owner of the construction industry, we are the one-stop destination for all your waterproofing chemical suppliers and other construction chemicals.


 Different Types of Construction Chemicals  

Below are the various types of construction chemicals available on the market today-


1.  Concrete Curing Compounds  

These comprise waxes, natural and synthetic resins, and solvents of high volatility at atmospheric temperatures. This compound shapes the moisture absorbent film after applying to the fresh concrete structure. We have the best concrete curing compound named Micronsil 30 C, which is a mineral-based waterproofing solution primarily used in precast structures.


 2. Polymer Bonding Agents  

From the name itself it suggests, this is an aqueous emulsion of a polymer and chemical admixtures. It is majorly used as a bonding agent between concrete and other cement-based elements for interiors as well as for exterior use.



 3. Water Repellents  

We are known as waterproofing experts as we have the best waterproofing repellents like Nanosil. Well, this is used to protect concrete from the adverse effects of water and moisture, if your home is already constructed.  


 4. Adhesives  

These are widely used in every construction industry, whether it is industrial, commercial or residential. Its properties are strong bonding capacity, good waterproofing, weatherproofing etc. You can find our popular Cracksil product, which is used as water repellant adhesive in constructions.


 5. Sealants and Caulks  

We, as the building material suppliers, provide sealants and caulks to block the open surface. Not only prevent liquid and gas leakage from the open surface areas but also cover the minor cracks so that moisture, oxygen, dust particles will not damage the structure.


To check more in depth about our all in one construction chemicals, do visit this detailed blog, which describes about our All in one Construction Chemicals for Construction Industries.  


 20MCC- The Leading Construction Chemical Manufacturing Company in India  

20MCC is one of the best construction chemical manufacturing companies and experts, who aim to strengthen the durability of buildings by providing the finest solutions. We preserve the integrity of concrete, mortar, plaster and other architectural supports used to construct a building's foundation. We are the specialists available around-the-clock for all construction needs.


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