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Exploring the Wide Range of 20 MCC Construction Products

When it comes to construction, the quality of materials used can significantly impact the outcome of the project. That’s where 20 MCC comes in. With a wide range of high-quality construction products, 20 MCC has become a trusted name in the industry. Let’s explore some of their offerings.

1. Cracksil | Wall Crack Filler

Cracksil is a cement-based polymer-modified powder material that acts as a water-repellent adhesive in construction. It is non-shrinking in nature and shows tough resistance and durability in every weather condition. This makes Cracksil one of the best waterproofing solutions and one of the most widely used wall crack fillers for plaster and structurally cracked surfaces.

2. Tigersil 

Tigersil is an industrial waterproofing chemical designed using advanced nanotechnology. It is a nano polymeric dispersion that works as a water-repellent and a mold inhibitor. It serves as the best waterproofing solution for terrace leakage, salts & molds, paint peel-off, wall dampness, and more.

3. Nanosil

Nanosil is a water-repellent and waterproofing product that is solvent-free and highly reactive. It is made of silicon and penetrates deep into the surface. It acts like a lotus leaf, making the surface water-resistant. This way, it can prevent leakage and protect your roof, wooden furniture, and other precious items.

4. Metakrete

Metakrete is a BIS-certified mineral-based waterproofing solution designed for precast structures. It is a thermally structured, ultra-fine pozzolan that replaces industrial by-products such as Silicafume and Micronsilica. The waterproofing expert enhances compressive and flexural strength. Thus, it serves as an ideal product for a strong foundation in industrial construction.

5. Micronsil 30 C Plus

Micronsil 30 C Plus is a highly effective 3rd generation water repellent and a mineral admixture for plaster and masonry work applications. It is suitable for surfaces like bricks, stone, blocks, etc. The product helps in the reduction of the water content of the mixture and makes the plaster impenetrable. This waterproofing solution is perfect to achieve plaster, mortar, roof, and wall waterproofing.

6. Micronsil 30 C 

Micronsil 30 C is a versatile and mineral-based water repellent that can act as a waterproofing solution for various construction materials. It contains reactive-colored silica and other treated minerals that can penetrate deep into the materials and form a waterproof sealant. By mixing Micronsil 30 C with cement and sand, you can prevent issues like leakage, damage, and dampness in your sheds, tanks, floors, and basements.

7. ROADSIL C (Crack Bridging) 

If you are looking for the best waterproofing solutions for your concrete structures, you should consider ROADSIL C, the products by waterproofing experts. ROADSIL is an instant pothole repair solution that is environment-friendly, cost-effective, and time-saving. It can fix potholes, edge deformation, utility cuts, edge repairs, and small carpeting jobs in asphalt and concrete.

8. Rainbowsil Separate Filler

Introducing Rainbowsil Separate Filler, the ultimate solution for flawless tile joint applications. This high-performing epoxy grout, when combined with hardener and resin, creates a smooth paste that seamlessly fills tile and stone joints to perfection.

9. Rainbowsil - Epoxy Grout For Tile Joints 

Epoxy grout is the solution used for tile joints which is durable and long-lasting. Rainbowsil is a fine quality decorative colored quartz sand with high purity of quartz. Its primary material is produced with a Polymer Binder and Lightfast Pigment. The product has been introduced in the market with multiple color shades to be used as tile joints. Rainbowsil offers a seamless and beautiful look for your tile joints, perfect for adding an extra touch of style to your home.

10. Rainbowsil Hardener + Resin

Rainbowsil Hardener (78 Grams x 1) + Resin (184 Grams x 1) is a two-component epoxy grout system that works with Rainbowsil color powder to create a stunning and lasting finish for your tiles.


20 MCC offers a comprehensive range of construction products designed to meet the diverse needs of the construction industry. Whether you’re looking for concrete admixtures, waterproofing solutions, or flooring options, 20 MCC has you covered.

Ready to explore the wide range of 20 MCC construction products? Contact 20 MCC today or book a free consultation to find the perfect solution for your construction needs.