Generally Asked Queries

Q. How long will my waterproofing solutions last? 

The basic life of any waterproofing solution is around 10-15 years. If you choose the best waterproofing products from 20 MCC, it will prolong the life of your wall for more than 15 years.


Q. When is the best time to waterproof a house. Is it before or after construction?

It is always best to opt for waterproofing solutions during the construction of your house because this will save time on reconstructing the structure. This is done to handle the leakage, dampness, cracks, or moulds issues afterward. By contacting our waterproofing experts from Gujarat, you are assured to get the right assistance from the experts, which will save your time. Visit to book an appointment with us.


Q. Can the leakages from the terrace be prevented?

Yes, with terrace waterproofing leakage issues could be prevented. It requires a check on drainage pipes, small canals for cables and electric wires, water tank corners, etc. By simply consulting waterproofing experts at Gujarat, one can get prepared for future hazards. If you want to know in-depth about terrace leakage, check this guide


Q. Should I waterproof the external walls?.

Being the most exposed surfaces to weather conditions which can be extreme at times, external wall waterproofing is required. The smallest cracks in the plaster can result in water leakage issues. To prevent this, the best waterproofing services from experts are required.

Q. Is waterproofing important?

Wall dampness can affect both decoration of the home as well as the human body, if not taken care of for a longer time period. This can also lead to fungal and bacterial growth, which is not good for the respiratory system of the residents. Opting for the best waterproofing services from experts is a must to try for the good health of you and your family. 

Q. How essential is water tank waterproofing? 

Water tanks are more prone to leakages and dampness. These tanks tend to grow fungus over a period of time that can weaken the structure. It is for this reason, such areas need to be waterproofed properly. To keep the area safe and leakproof, it is essential to employ the right water tank waterproofing methods by incorporating the right products.  


Q. Though my house got renovated last year, still dampness appeared this monsoon. Could you recommend an appropriate solution to fix this issue?

 Damp-proofing is a method one should opt for during or after the construction of the house. This acts as a barrier between the home and the groundwater seepage present above the ground. You must keep your house well-ventilated and apply the bestwaterproofing solution recommended by experts to prevent dampness reoccurring issues over time.


Q. Which areas of my bathroom need waterproofing?

The bathroom is the wettest area of home. It is always advised to waterproof  every corner of the bathroom. Applying for the bathroom waterproofing solutions at every corner and even on the sidewalls can help you prevent dampness and keep your area leak-free for a long time. One can cover the area with 20MCC’s waterproofing products.


Q. Which is the best product for exterior wall waterproofing? 

 The best water repellent product is 20MCC’s  Tigersil. Its role is to prevent houses from rain water coming inside  through the gaps of windows, doors, etc. Tigersil has specialised waterproofing solutions for both exterior and interior wall without removing plaster or damaging the wall.  


Q. I have a flat on the 3rd floor. A neighbor who lives below my flat complains that due to water leakage, dampness appeared on his ceiling. Is there any solution available that makes my bathroom completely leak-free?

 Bathrooms consist of four areas that are more likely to leak. It includes the floor, drainage pipes, sanitary fittings and shower areas. To get these areas completely water repellent,  Cracksil from 20MCC is the best product that helps you to make your bathroom 100 percent leak free for years. 


Q. Every time in monsoon, water gets clogged in my basement area, which causes great damage. Do you have any products to fix this issue?

We advise using waterproofing expert  Micronsil 30C from 20MCC as an integral waterproofing compound. This will give waterproofing to plaster and concrete, resists corrosion in steel bars.It also helps increase the power of mortar. Thus, it helps save time and money.  


Q. Can I apply Tigersil on my own? If yes, what are the steps to apply it?

Yes, you can apply Tigersil on your own as it is a “Do it yourself” waterproofing expert. Its application doesn’t require any technical waterproofing skills. Tigersil can be applied inside & outside the wall, without removing plaster or damaging the wall.

STEP 1- Firstly, remove the paint using sandpaper until the plaster surface appears.

STEP 2- Take 1 liter of Tigersil liquid and 500 gm of Tie=gersil powder, then mix it well. 

STEP 3- Start applying the mix from the bottom of the wall, first horizontally and then vertically.

STEP 4- Let the area be left for a day for the best result 


Q. Is your waterproofing expensive?

No, you will find that our pricing compares very favorably with other similar quality products on the market, and because our products are ‘use friendly. You can actually save money by doing the waterproofing yourself. 20MCC products will give you quality waterproofing for your house at a price that provides very good value for your money, and you will have peace of mind knowing that your house is protected.