Water Tank Waterproofing

Water tanks are known for large water storage in houses and buildings. Thus, these tanks are prone to water leakages and cracks irrespective of the construction material used. So, using water tank waterproofing solutions for preventing water outflow is always a smart choice. Our brand, 20 MCC is a brand of quality products that can work best for waterproofing the water tank at your place.

What is Water Tank Waterproofing?

Does your water tank face leakage issues or is it at risk of outflow? Water Tank waterproofing can be the ultimate solution. It is a scientific method of repairing all the leaks, cracks, and joints prone to leakage of a water tank.

A water-resistant chemical is applied to the surface and leaking areas of the tank once it is cleaned of all the dirt and oil.

Why Is It Important?

Lets understand the benefits of water tank waterproofing-

  • 1. Less time to apply

    Water tank waterproofing is not a process that takes longer for construction. Just the mere work of a few hours can result in long-term benefits that can last for years.

  • 2. Long-lasting protection

    A good quality water tank waterproofing may last for about 10 years. The one offered by 20 MCC lasts a minimum of 10 years and can exceed the limit by a couple of more years too.

  • 3. No chemical drawbacks

    There’s a myth that the chemicals used in water tank waterproofing are harmful and hazardous to health. To clear the doubts, none of the waterproofing chemicals used in water tank waterproofing solutions causes harm to health.

Best Construction Chemical for Water Tank Waterproofing

There are a number of chemicals available in the market that promise to be the best chemical for water tank waterproofing. However, our Micronsil 30C Plus is the best waterproofing solution, which is a 3rd generation water repellant mixture that helps in controlling the leakage immediately.


Here, at 20MCC, you will get the best waterproofing solution, by applying the wide range of waterproofing chemical products supervised by waterproofing experts.


Role of 20MCC in Water Tank Waterproofing Solutions

We, at 20 MCC, a waterproofing expert offer the wide range of products and play a major role in providing water tank waterproofing solutions.

A complete waterproofing guide

For years we have been a leader in the industry but being a complete waterproofing guide for customers has always been our priority. Our waterproofing solution goes through long hours of planning, consulting, execution, work schedule, and final inception. This is what makes our products out of the box.

Range of services

20 MCC offers a wide range of products and services including waterproofing, plasterwork, crack filling, heat insulation, water repellents, etc. This is the reason why we never stay away from serving our customer's needs.

Quality products

20 MCC is known for its quality products. With 20 MCC, quality is never compromised. We aim to build products with high durability and customer satisfaction.

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