Terrace Waterproofing

Terrace waterproofing is a popular word these days. The rapid construction has somehow reduced the quality of construction due to which the need for terrace waterproofing has turned to an urgency. Various companies have paved the market with highly promising products and construction chemicals that guarantee terrace waterproofing. However, 20 MCC is one of the top waterproofing experts in the Indian market today.

What Exactly is Terrace Waterproofing?

Terrace waterproofing is a modern method of preventing your terrace from water leakage. It shows its action on the weak areas of the terrace and prevents them from getting damaged due to the action of water.

It includes the application of a layer of water-resistant chemicals. This helps in reducing water pressure on the top and prevents it from entering. So, look no further and hire our popular and excellent terrace waterproofing services.

Best Construction Chemicals for Terrace Waterproofing

A wide number of companies/service providers claim to use 100% water-resistant chemicals. But, the best chemicals for waterproofing include Micronsil 30C Plus and Nanosil.

Micronsil 30C Plus

You would have heard about 3rd generation water repellents. Micronsil 30C Plus is one of them. It helps to decrease the penetrability of the mixture and reduces the water content in it. This mixture also helps in reducing the temperature of your ceiling and walls.


This chemical is applied to the surface before and after the construction or before and after applying the paint. Nanosil is yet another water-resistant chemical that works like a lotus leaf that does not allow any drop of water to stay or leak through it.

Both the chemicals are among the best from our store. Contact us to find the best available products at great prices.


Here, at 20MCC, you will get the best waterproofing solution, by applying the wide range of waterproofing chemical products supervised by waterproofing experts.


Role of 20 MCC in Terrace Waterproofing Solutions

20MCC is a leading terrace waterproofing solutions provider since 1987. Customers have always been our first priority and this is what makes us one of the best terrace waterproofing experts in the market today. We play some basic yet most important roles in terrace waterproofing. This as follows

Understanding the customer issue

Over the years we’ve found that different customers have different problems related to the ceiling or terrace leakage. Everyone has a different story. Amid this, understanding and analyzing the problems of the customers with depth and bringing out the best solution available is our speciality.

Quality rules

20 MCC is a waterproofing company of values. Quality is always our top priority. We offer a wide number of high-quality products for waterproofing that have a longer life than usual products.

Being easily accessible

Bringing out the best products in the market is not sufficient. Customers do desire quality, but easy accessibility to the business is something that doesn’t come in handy. We have good customer support and this is what makes us most loved.

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