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What Is More Important? Interior Waterproofing Or Exterior Waterproofing

Don’t you just get annoyed when you find water leakage around your house? Obviously yes, right? Well, that is exactly where one realizes the significance of waterproofing, and more sufficiently said interior waterproofing. As a matter of fact, both interior waterproofing and exterior waterproofing are necessary for eliminating the frustration that comes along with water leakages. 

Interior Waterproofing Vs Exterior Waterproofing

Interior waterproofing is more required because of the water leakages in cervices and small capillaries that seep through the walls and damage them from within, which is more dangerous. They not just spoil the entire color and furnishing of the wall and make them weak. But such issues can also result in water dripping from ceilings and other areas as well, especially during the monsoons. It is for this reason that interior waterproofing is more important than exterior waterproofing. 

Under some special circumstances, external waterproofing does the solution, but sometimes, it is just not enough. After the homeowners come to know about the terms associated with the amount of extensive excavation required to waterproof the basement from the outside. Then, the majority of homeowners will go for interior waterproofing options like an interior drainage system (IDS) to be precise. This means that one would have to excavate around the entire perimeter of their home including digging up the landscaping, concrete, porches so as to be able to expose the basement walls and then waterproof them using the construction chemicals

Construction Chemicals

As messy and invasive this task is, the footing drains which are usually placed in the dirt in the outer periphery of the basement cause clogging and subsequently become useless. The biggest reason that exterior waterproofing isn’t the best option though, is because it only prevents water from getting in from the side and does nothing to prevent the water from seeping up through the basement floor or the floor/wall joints.

My Residence, My Waterproofing  

However, as previously discussed, both exterior and interior waterproofing should be considered when you are constructing a new house, especially that with a basement attached. 

Still, if your house lies in an area more prone to damage due to water leakage like areas of South India, which witnesses extreme rainfall during monsoon season. Then one must opt for interior waterproofing solutions without any fail. Whereas, if your house falls in comparative dry/arid regions, then exterior waterproofing should do the job well. But it is always safer to still do interior waterproofing because the water finds its way even from the smallest of cracks and capillaries to enter the walls.

Also, if your bathrooms are having excessive water usage, then it is always advisable to protect them from within by getting the interior waterproofing of the Bathroom done. So that you may never have to look back and deal with repairs and maintenance on a regular basis. Whichever is your residence type, you can choose a suitable waterproofing solution to deal with it.

Importance of Bathroom Waterproofing

Interior Waterproofing - The Saviour

The option of interior waterproofing means that one facilitates the interior drainage system which is also known as French Drain. Any amount of water or the vapors from water coming in through the walls, windows, or the floor/wall joints, will be swept away by the French Drain. This will be then taken to the sump pump, where it will be pushed out from the basement. 

However, if such interior waterproofing is done under waterproofing expert guidance like 20 MCC, the moisture levels in the basement will be completely under control and you will get much relief once and for all. 

Best Construction Chemical For Interior And Exterior Waterproofing 

Although both external, as well as interior waterproofing, have their own significance, one needs to know, where they can get the best waterproofing services for their needs. And your search ends at 20 MCC- A construction chemical manufacturer. They have a wide range of construction chemicals and waterproofing products to treat both interior and exterior surfaces. 


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