Know the Importance of Roof Waterproofing with 20MCC



Reasons Why Is Roof Waterproofing Important?

The importance of Roof waterproofing for a country like India with 1,284 milliliters of annual rainfall is a major concern. With the aim to protect your construction from water damage, ceiling leakages, building damages, and construction is a major point of struggle. Well, all such problems can be solved by providing the best waterproofing solutions. We, at 20MCC, have brought to you a detailed blog that will share information on how roof waterproofing is important not only for the rainy season but for all-weather maintenance of your house. Read more to know about the best watertight roof waterproofing solutions with 20MCC

What Are The Factors That Contribute To Roof Damage?

Before we move into the importance of Roof waterproofing, let us first discover the factors that can contribute to your roof damage. Knowing these factors will give you more understanding of why roof waterproofing is important. 

1. For most western and central regions of India, the monsoon accounts for 90% of the annual precipitation. Also, the unpredictability of the monsoon has led to more roof and construction damage in various parts of India. Thus during construction, it is recommended to apply Micronsil 30C Plus along with cement, to special areas of your home that are majorly prone to damage.

2. Interestingly, water is not the only factor that affects the health of your roof. In countries like India with extremely warm weather conditions, heat damage is one of the most commonly admitted factors responsible for roof damage.

3. Cracks and gaps in your roof can be a big cause of trouble in the future. Exposure to the changing environment can affect the size of the cracks and gaps and thus can influence the strength of your house. Hence timely repair and waterproofing of the roof become a must. For treating the cracks, during the process firstly apply Cracksil for 6mm wider cracks and then apply a coating of Nanosil. This one can prevent your house from getting damaged and can ultimately increase the life of your building. 

Cracksil : An Ultimate Crack Filler


4- One of the underrated factors that contribute to roof damage is installations done on the rooftops. Clogging drainage or leaky water tanks can lead to great damage to the roof. For many, this often leads to terrace water leakage. Thus treatment of the terrace before the monsoon is important to prevent future damages. To know why is it important to waterproof your terrace, read this blog to get a detailed overview.

Importance of Roof Waterproofing

In spite of facing continuous damage due to water, people often tend to ignore the roof waterproofing. Undermining the roof waterproofing importance can lead to long-term damage, thus you should not step back from preventing future losses. Some points that highlight the importance of roof waterproofing include:

1. Improves Structure Durability

Moisture can over time act as a parasite that eats up the durability of your house. For ensuring the strength of your construction, you must invest in effective watertight roof leakage solutions.

2. Reduces Cost of Repairs

The money you spend on monthly and annual repairs is considerably less visible but can cost you much over a long period. Here is where the importance of Roof waterproofing comes in. Investing in waterproofing solutions is a one-time investment that can save much of your penny.

3. Offers Energy Efficiency

Interestingly, waterproofing solutions on the rooftop can reduce your AC costs. Being a reflector of sunlight and heat, these waterproofing solutions tend to keep your rooms cool below the ceiling. 

4. Prevents the Onset of Health Concerns

One of the biggest importance of roof waterproofing solutions is that it prevents major health concerns. Leaking water might be prone to attracting various water-borne diseases. The development of mould due to water can lead to poor air quality, breathing problems, skin irritation, and coughing. 

These are some of the benefits one can have while implying roof waterproofing solutions. If you further want to explore how to Extend the Life of Your Roof,  do read a detailed blog on this. Also, check the best chemicals available for roof waterproofing, which includes Tigersil, a DIY solution made with advanced technology, and Nanosil which is a solvent-free water repellent. You can avail both the products from 20MCC at reasonable prices.

Looking For Waterproofing Solutions?

Knowing the importance of Roof waterproofing, you might be keen to know more about how and where to get the best waterproofing solutions. This brings us to 20MCC! We are one of the well-known waterproofing experts in the market today. To know what makes us the top waterproofing experts in India, read this. The best part about our services is that we use high-end quality waterproofing chemicals as per the client’s requirement. Book your free consultation with us to know more about our services and product range.