New terrace waterproofing Requirements



What Are The Steps for Waterproofing New Terraces?

Waterproofing is a treatment that most of us are aware of. However, sometimes we tend to underestimate it by thinking of it as an unnecessary expense. But looking into the current scenes, this blog will explain the importance of new terrace waterproofing. What we mean to explain here is - whenever you construct a house, you must deal with all the necessary things with utmost care and attention, and waterproofing is one of them. Many people ignore terrace waterproofing servicesthinking of it as unnecessary. But when you face continuous water dripping during monsoons, you are certain to repent. Well, instead of repainting, isn’t it simply better to go for it while the construction is going on? Yes, right? 

So, let us find out how new terrace waterproofing is done, why it is necessary, and who is the expert that can help you with that. 

Importance of Terrace Waterproofing 

In simple words, new terrace waterproofingis essential because it saves your terraces and ceilings from leaking during monsoons. Not just monsoons, it saves your house from any unwanted seepage or leaks and prolong the life of your paints for years to come. It prevents water from seeping through the cervixes on the roofs. 

Waterproofing of the terrace is an essential part of the construction, and should not be avoided at any cost. This should be done to avoid water-leaking problems later. If you cannot decide what is the best waterproofing material, check our construction chemical for terrace waterproofing. This is one of the best-quality waterproofing chemicals on the market today. But how to use it? Let us see this in the next section.

There is a great importance of terrace waterproofing. To know it in more detail, do check this blog on Importance of Waterproofing for Terrace

Steps For New Terrace Waterproofing

  • Remove all dust, filth, oil, grease, filth, etc. from the slab.

  • Drain (flood) the whole terrace area to look for leaks, cracks, or dampness.

  • Apply a slurry to the bare slab with a brush using Nanosil and cement. A low-speed stirrer should be used to mix ingredients to create a smooth consistency. There should be no water added. As much sludge as you can use in 30 minutes should be prepared.

  • Apply a second application of the same slurry with the same proportion after 24 hours. Leave the area for 24-48 hours to adjust to the mixture. 

  • Cure the coating for four to five days using moist gunny bags.

  • Pond (Float) the entire terrace to see how well the waterproofing treatment is working.

  • Place the cement mortar to create brick bat coba while the coating is still wet and tacky. The application must be wet-on-wet. For brick bat coba, add Nanosil with cement used in the mortar mixture. Make sure to mix the correct proportion. It is advisable to take help from waterproofing experts.  

  • As per typical building procedure, continue to erect traditional brick and I.P.S. over the terraces. 

Also using Micronsil 30C Plus along with the construction material during the new terrace waterproofing will make the construction strong and protect your terrace from unwanted heat and water damages.

20MCC Waterproofing Chemicals For Terrace Waterproofing 

It is not easy for everyone to understand how waterproofing companies work. Thus, if you really want to save your terraces from any kind of heat or water damage, and provide efficient and long-lasting waterproofing, it is advisable to consult a waterproofing expert.Book an appointment with our waterproofing experts today and consult us for all your terrace waterproofing needs.