Wall Seepage Problem



How to Solve Wall Seepage Problem?

A big step towards a happy life is good health and good health can only be lived in a clean, hygienic, and healthy environment. Therefore, ensuring that your home/office is free from any possible water leakages and dampness has become one of the most important factors to understand and address.

There can be a number of events that can cause severe wall leakages like due to water leakage, stagnant water on the terrace, leakage from the bathroom, Internal pipe leakage, and many more. While people lack sufficient knowledge to tackle such problems, nowadays even plumbers/painters often fail to give suitable and efficient waterproofing solutions to the homeowners. This makes it very important to know and understand the available waterproofing solutions in India and how to implement them effectively.

Most of the plumbers or painters usually fix the problem of seepage/leakage/wall paint peeling off simply by applying waterproofing solutions on the affected areas and repainting it again with the paint. This is indeed one of the most common mistakes done in order to solve the seepage problem of home/offices as it will solve the issue temporarily and the problem will occur soon again after a few days. This is because the root cause of leakage has not been fixed well. The very first step in order to solve the seepage/leakage problem is to find the root cause of the leakage in the property. It is very important to undertake necessary steps to prevent the possible water leakage right during the construction of the building. There is a number of waterproofing products available in the market that can be effectively used to provide complete leak-free protection to your home and offices. The advancement in construction technology has given some of the best waterproofing solutions to the world and is proving to be very cost-effective and long-lasting. The usage of best quality admixtures for construction, silicon-based water repellent products, mineral-based products for precast structures, and cement-based polymer powders can guarantee no damage to the actual structure with no pre or post-treatments required. The main advantage of such products is that they are very cost-effective and result-oriented. Even after the application of these waterproofing solutions, one should crosscheck and have a detailed analysis of the source of the leakage for satisfactory results. Not only a well-trained and professional plumbers/service providers with good knowledge are required for the best results but also reliable and good quality waterproofing products are very essential for the same.

20MCC - Your One Stop Waterproofing Solution

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