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Water Tank Waterproofing- How It Can Prevent Water Tank Leakages

Water Tank Waterproofing:  Why do they need a repair?

Water tanks are solely made for the purpose of mass water storage in households and are usually constructed using a robust material like concrete. But it doesn’t matter which material one uses for building the water tanks, sometimes over a period of 20-25 years, the material and its quality start getting deteriorate. This is one of the major problems faced in those areas which have concreted or cemented water tanks, which over a certain period leads to water leaking.

The problem of water tank leakages happens because even if we use concrete to build the tanks, the concrete is a heterogeneous material having voids and capillaries within its matrix in the hardened stage. So, it is very likely that water oozes in through these voids and capillaries and causes leakage. 

Now we all know how water leakage can make a great impact on us. Water leakage can not only cause water scarcity, but the dripping water can also seep through the cervix end of the walls and ceilings and can penetrate inside, spoiling the overall construction and untimely water dripping. Keeping these all stated problems in mind, water tank waterproofing comes into the picture.  

The Impetus Behind The Water Leaking Problems 

As we already know what can be the consequences of water tank leakages from tanks. We should also delve deeper and understand what are the causes so as to adopt healthy practices like water tank waterproofing. 

  1. In the majority of cases, people stop paying attention to the construction factors like little or no attention to the treatments of joints and excessive porosity due to which the water storage tanks fail to endure the water pressure.
  2. Leakage problems are likely to occur in concrete water tanks due to variable water pressure effects on their walls which cause structural movement, resulting in cracks.
  3. Inefficiency and materialism are major worries that breed the problem of leaks. Masons are not educated to add construction chemicals to the cement that, over time, due to constant water pressure, produce excessive pores throughout the tank structure.
  4. In many cases, homeowners or even building managers do not give the water tank its proper attention.

Since your water tank will be maintaining a good volume of water, it needs special treatment. If we take the current practice, the makers simply use a clean cement coat mixed with acrylic polymer or water-resistant latex, or elastomeric. As a result, treatment has no effect and thus they fail to perform under frequent water attacks. The inner walls of concrete tanks are usually finished with tiles that eventually form fungal and other bacterial growths. Consequently, we may be consuming contaminated and polluted water.


Another feature that we often neglect about water tanks – underground and above the ground both is their outer walls. If the material used for building is cement polymer slurry instead of concrete, then the protection needed from soil and water pollution is difficult to find. Also, the treatment does not work when it comes to holding the pressure of the groundwater. Poorly sealed holes in the walls of concrete water tanks are another major cause of possible leaks. Thus a proper education and expert consultation are required before opting for water tank waterproofing solutions. 


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Water Tank Waterproofing – To Strengthen The Water Storage Tanks

Now, as we have already discussed and understood the problems associated with water tank leakages, we need to move towards its remedial methods. On how you can protect your water storage tanks from leaking? The obvious answer is with – Water tanks Waterproofing. There are plenty of waterproofing solutions that exist for providing strength and longevity to your water storage tanks like using the best quality construction material for water tanks waterproofing. 

The construction chemicals that are used in the treatment of leakages and for fixing the water tanks are of utmost importance because they ensure safety not just from the leakages, but also from the growth of harmful bacteria and fungus. 

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