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What Makes 20 MCC Top Waterproofing Experts In India?

In every household, water leakage is a major concern. Water leaking from underneath the foundation can stain into your space and can ruin your floors and other areas. This issue can be addressed quite well by our waterproofing experts at Vadodara, Gujarat.

To protect your space against potential damage, taking certain necessary actions beforehand can help in protecting your area from future damages. This can be handled by hiring the right and professional waterproofing experts, who not only provide deals in providing the right waterproofing chemicals but their waterproofing services and free site inspection gives customers the flexibility to get their waterproofing done within the budget.

Interested to know what makes us the top amongst various other waterproofing experts? Head on to read this complete blog. 

What Do 20MCC Waterproofing Experts Provide?

Being the established company and construction chemical providers across India, here is what we as a leading waterproofing company provide:  

1. Complete guide to waterproofing 

  • Planning: The very first step in waterproofing begins with planning. Our waterproofing experts analyze your needs and inspect the site to save on your budget.

  • Consulting: Before we proceed with the work, proper user-agent understanding is developed and consultation is done. As the budget finalized, we start with the execution process. 

  • Execution: As soon as the consultation is done and the budget is finalized by the waterproofing expert, they start working on the execution of the project.

  • Work schedule: After the product execution our construction chemical needs an ample amount of time to let the product applied to settle down perfectly. Our experts automate this work process and set a definite time to get the chemical or solution applied settled down.

  • Final inspection: Once the scheduled work is done, our waterproofing experts will conduct a final check. In this manner, any part that is left undone can be addressed on an immediate basis.

2. Free Site Inspection

Our waterproofing company aims at providing the best customer service possible by providing free consultation services. Just visit our website and Book a Free Consultation plan with us. Our waterproofing experts will visit your area on the booked date and give you a detailed plan with a budget. Also, one can directly reach us at [email protected] to book an appointment.

3. A varied range of services

We are working hard to make your structures/buildings water-proof and moisture-free. This can be done by providing an ample range of services to handle pain-pointing issues of any space like Bathrooms, Terrace and Tanks, Cracks and Joints, Interiors, Tiling and more, that need adequate waterproofing services and other services.

  • Waterproofing: Waterproofing is an essential phenomenon of any building project. It ensures a structure is 100% resistant to water infiltration thereby preventing irreversible and expensive damage. At the same time, this solution also allows any water to drain away safely. A waterproofing expert ensures the safety of your building from water damage and leaks. 

  • Plaster Work: Plaster is a very strong building material that ensures a structure's endurance from the base to the top.  As a result, plastering is a must in construction. The procedure, in its most basic form, puts a protective layer over concrete surfaces that protects them from atmospheric influences.

  • Crack filling: It is the practice of repairing your cracks and holes in walls and floors. By overcoming gaps in walls and floors, it prolongs the life of your plaster and structural surface. This helps in the upkeep of toughness and the prevention of subsequent damage.

  • Heat insulation is a technology that reduces energy consumption in buildings. An overheated premise hinders a healthy working environment. Hence, to prevent adverse heat gain or loss through the building envelope, we deliver a heat insulation service that reduces the roof temperature to a minimum. 

  • Water repellentsare coatings that help protect building structures from water damage. These coatings are usually applied to the exterior surfaces of buildings, but can also be applied to the interior. This is extremely helpful in protecting against water damage.

  • Precast structure construction. With the help of this, we can provide you with high-quality and affordable products and better construction services. Our experts can help you achieve your dream structure using our innovative and environment-friendly precast technologies.

  • Foundation repair is the best way to keep the structure from collapsing or any foundation damage. It requires a lot of experience and expertise in order to do the job in the right manner. We use advanced technology, high-quality materials, and skilled professionals for this purpose.

4. Top Waterproofing chemicals 

Waterproofing is a vital procedure in building construction, whether it is a home or a commercial project. There are various waterproofing chemicals available to choose from. One can choose the one that is suitable for their budget and lifestyle. 

  • Tigersilis a waterproofing chemical designed using advanced nanotechnology. It is an eco-friendly solution for all your waterproofing needs. It serves as the most trusted DIY waterproofing expert and can be applied by anyone as its application does not require technical skills.

  • The high-tech formulation of Metakrete is a result of innovation and research. Made from a blend of minerals, it forms a waterproof layer around the building materials to ensure complete water protection. It is easy to use, affordably priced, and highly effective in retaining moisture inside the structure.

  • Nanosil is the ultimate waterproofing solution for your home that provides 100% protection from water. No need to worry about leakage coming from cracks or any form of damage caused by excess moisture.

  • Cracksil is a modified polymeric powder that acts as a waterproofing agent in construction. It is non-shrinking and shows tough resistance and durability in every weather condition. The result is a consistent, smooth, and buttery surface.

  • Micronsil 30 Cis a new generation of water repellent that provides a waterproofing seal for a variety of applications. It prevents the penetration of water into concrete slabs, foundations, basements, and walls while improving their load-bearing capacity.

  • MICRONSIL 30 C PLUSis a penetrating waterproofing membrane that provides a continuous barrier to prevent leaks from occurring. This forms an enzyme resistant, non-permanent coating on the surface of concrete and masonry surfaces that water cannot penetrate through.

20MCC is a leading waterproofing expert, which aims to strengthen the durability of buildings and minimize recurring expenses by providing the best waterproofing solutions. For our customers, we have dealers and distributors present across regions. Get in touch with our experts today to know more.