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Dampness Management in Buildings: Best Practices and Waterproofing Solutions in the South Asian Region

Dampness is a prevalent issue faced by many building owners in the South Asian region. It can lead to serious structural damage, mold growth, and health hazards. However, by implementing appropriate preventive measures and utilizing reliable waterproofing solutions, you can effectively manage and eliminate dampness-related problems. At 20mcc, we specialize in providing top-notch waterproofing solutions designed to address these challenges and protect your buildings from dampness. In this article we will discuss the problems faced by people in the South Asian region and which products and services are best to solve such problems.

Understanding the Issue and Best Waterproofing Solutions and  Practices

Dampness in buildings can arise from various sources, such as leaky roofs, faulty plumbing, inadequate ventilation, and rising damp from the ground. To prevent dampness, it is crucial to address the root causes and follow best practices, such as regular maintenance, proper insulation, and effective waterproofing.  At 20mcc, we have developed a range of advanced waterproofing solutions that can effectively combat dampness issues in buildings across the South Asian region.

Our Range of Waterproofing Solutions

Tigerisl - Ultimate Waterproofing Solution  

Tigerisl is a cutting-edge waterproofing solution offered by 20mcc. It is a high-performance, liquid-applied membrane that forms a seamless barrier against water infiltration. Tigerisl's superior adhesion properties ensure long-lasting protection for various surfaces, including roofs, terraces, and basements. With Tigerisl, you can safeguard your building against water damage and eliminate dampness-related concerns.  

Nanosil + Paint Application - Enhanced Protection  

Our Nanosil + paint application is another innovative waterproofing solution that provides enhanced protection for your building. Nanosil is a high-performance silane-based water repellent, and when combined with a specially formulated paint, it creates a durable protective layer. This solution is ideal for external walls, providing excellent resistance to moisture and preventing dampness from seeping into the building.  

Water Repellent Services - Comprehensive Solution  

At 20mcc, we offer comprehensive water repellent services that cover a wide range of surfaces and areas prone to dampness. Our team of experts utilizes advanced water repellent products and application techniques to provide thorough protection. Whether it's concrete, brickwork, or other porous surfaces, our water repellent services will help you achieve a moisture-resistant environment, eliminating the risks associated with dampness.  

Waterproofing Services - Tailored Solutions  

We understand that each building has unique waterproofing requirements. That's why we offer customized waterproofing services that cater to your specific needs. Our team of skilled professionals will assess your building, identify potential problem areas, and recommend the most suitable waterproofing solutions. From roof waterproofing to basement solutions, our services are designed to provide long-term dampness management.  


Dampness in buildings can lead to serious consequences if not addressed promptly and effectively. By choosing 20mcc's high-quality waterproofing solutions, such as Tigerisl, Nanosil + paint application, water repellent services, and waterproofing services, you can ensure comprehensive protection against dampness-related issues. Our products and services have been trusted by numerous clients in the South Asian region, and we are committed to delivering exceptional results.  Don't let dampness compromise the integrity of your building. Take proactive measures and apply our reliable waterproofing solution today. With 20mcc, you can bid farewell to water-related dampness problems and enjoy a safe and secure environment for years to comeReach out to us today to get the best service possible.