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Beyond Waterproofing: 20MCC - Building a Dry and Healthy Home Environment

Water is essential for life, but it can also be a source of many problems and challenges in the construction industry. Waterproofing solutions are crucial to prevent damage, deterioration, and decay to building materials and structures, as well as to maintain healthy and comfortable living conditions for occupants. Water can also create unhealthy and uncomfortable living conditions for the occupants such as:

•  Leakage and seepage

•  Cracks and gaps

•  Mold and mildew

•  Efflorescence and stains

•  Corrosion and rust

•  Dampness and humidity

•  Odor and Allergies

•  Insects and pests

These issues can affect the quality, durability, and aesthetics of your building. They can also affect the health, safety, and comfort of your family. They can also increase the cost and time of maintenance and repair. How can you prevent and solve these issues?

The answer is waterproofing. Waterproofing is the process of making a building or structure resistant to water and moisture. Waterproofing can protect your building from water damage and create a dry and healthy home environment. Waterproofing can provide various benefits such as:

•  Preserving and enhancing the value and appearance of your building

•  Extending the lifespan and performance of your building materials and structures

•  Reducing the risk of structural failures and accidents

•  Improving the indoor air quality and comfort

•  Preventing the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria

•  Saving energy and money on heating and cooling

•  Increasing the resale value and marketability of your property

However, not all waterproofing solutions are created equal. Some may be more effective, efficient, or eco-friendly than others. Some may be more suitable, compatible, or adaptable than others. Some may be more easy, convenient, or affordable than others. How do you choose the best waterproofing solutions for your needs? In this blog post, we will share some tips to help you make the best decision.

1. Leakage and seepage 

Water can leak or seep through cracks and gaps in walls, floors, and roofs. This can cause structural damage, aesthetic damage, and health hazards. To prevent and repair leakage and seepage, you need a flexible and waterproof sealant that can fill and seal the cracks and gaps with a strong and elastic bond. One such product is Cracksil, a product by 20MCC that can repair and prevent cracks in walls, floors, and roofs. It also protects the surface from water, moisture, and fungus. It is easy to apply and does not require any primer or curing.

2. Cracks and gaps

Water can cause cracks and gaps in various materials and structures due to thermal expansion and contraction, freeze-thaw cycles, or hydrostatic pressure. This can compromise the integrity, stability, and appearance of your building. To prevent and repair cracks and gaps, you need a high-performance sealant that can bond and seal various materials such as glass, metal, wood, and ceramic. One such product is Tigersil, a product by 20MCC that is a high-performance silicone sealant. It has excellent adhesion, elasticity, and durability. It also resists UV rays, weather, and temperature changes. It is ideal for sealing windows, doors, joints, and gaps. It is also non-toxic and eco-friendly.

3. Mold and mildew

Water can create a damp and humid environment that can promote the growth of mold and mildew. This can affect the indoor air quality and cause respiratory problems, allergies, and infections. To prevent and eliminate mold and mildew, you need a water repellent that can protect and preserve various surfaces such as stone, brick, concrete, and wood. One such product is Nanosil, a product by 20MCC that is a nano-technology based water repellent. It forms a thin and invisible layer that repels water, oil, and dirt. It also enhances the color, texture, and appearance of the surface. It is easy to apply and does not affect the breathability or permeability of the surface.

4. Dampness and humidity 

Water can cause dampness and humidity in various parts of your building such as sheds, tanks, floors, and basements. This can affect the thermal comfort and energy efficiency of your building. To prevent and reduce dampness and humidity, you need a mineral-based water repellent that can act as a waterproofing solution for various construction materials. One such product is Micronsil 30C Plus, a product by 20MCC that is a highly effective 3rd generation water repellent and a mineral admixture for plaster and masonry work application. It is suitable for surfaces like bricks, stone, blocks, etc. The product helps in the reduction of the water content of the mixture and makes the plaster impenetrable. This waterproofing solution is perfect to achieve plaster, mortar, roof, and wall waterproofing. It showcases exceptional capability in controlling water leakage immediately and stopping instant running water. This admixture also reduces the temperature of the ceiling and wall.

5. Corrosion and rust 

Water can cause corrosion and rust on metal surfaces and structures due to the presence of oxygen and electrolytes. This can affect the strength, durability, and appearance of your building. To prevent and protect corrosion and rust, you need a versatile and mineral-based water repellent that can act as a waterproofing solution for various construction materials. One such product is Micronsil 30C, a product by 20MCC that is a versatile and mineral-based water repellent. It contains reactive colored silica and other treated minerals that can penetrate deep into the materials and form a waterproof sealant. By mixing Micronsil 30C with cement and sand, you can prevent issues like leakage, damage, and dampness in your sheds, tanks, floors, and basements. Micronsil 30C can also be used as a cement admixture for plastering and masonry work on interior and exterior walls. It works well on surfaces like bricks, stone, light weight blocks, etc. Micronsil 30C can enhance the strength, durability, and beauty of your walls and shield them from moisture, mold, and efflorescence.

To overcome these issues, it is important to choose the best waterproofing solution. It is not an easy task to choose the right waterproofing solution and it depends on various factors such as Identifying the source and extent of the problem, exploring the available options and alternatives, and evaluating the different aspects and criteria of waterproofing solutions. You also need to find a solution that can go beyond waterproofing and provide you with more benefits and value. That's why at 20mcc, we recommend you choose our products and solutions. If you want to know more about our products and solutions, visit our website or contact us today. You can also book a free appointment. So get the best product and service for your home and make your home’s environment dry and healthy.