Home Waterproofing vs Waterproofing



Waterproofing of A House V/s Waterproofing of A Apartment

Are you also concerned about your apartment or home waterproofing? If yes, you’ve stepped on the right page! 20MCC is a well-known and established waterproofing company in India. We are known for providing quick and efficient waterproofing solutions for new and old houses, apartments, and offices.

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This blog covers some basic differences we observe in the waterproofing of apartments vs houses that one must keep in mind while waterproofing their space. Keep reading below to know how the best construction chemicals, can be used for providing effective solutions for apartments and houses.

Difference Between an Apartment and Home Waterproofing Solutions

There are some key differences in the construction and designing of apartments and houses which help us to differentiate between the ways in which waterproofing would be done.

  • Apartments are large construction spaces that usually have adjacent rooms. These rooms have common walls with other units across the apartment.

  • Apartments have a bunch of community areas. Parkings, common parks, swimming pools, terraces, gardens, and much more are in common for different apartments. Whereas, in houses, one has personal spaces that people don’t need to share with anyone around.

  • Usually, it's seen that houses are large in area and spacious at the same time, while apartments comparatively span over large spaces and are smaller in size.

  • Houses has more customizable spaces. One can design their place on their own as per their floor plan which is substantially seen low among apartment owners and dwellers.

Home Waterproofing

House owners have complete authority for customizing their space using waterproofing solutions as per their needs and choices. While looking for home waterproofing solutions, one must focus on some specific areas of their home that are more prone to water leakage. And to overcome this applying 20MCC’s Nanosil can be highly effective. 

  1. Terrace

  2. Water Tank

  3. Interior and exterior walls

  4. Spaces between tilings

  5. Basement

  6. Garbage area

  7. Sink and kitchen area

  8. Shower and vanity space

  9. Gutters

  10. Balcony

One must focus the most on rooftop waterproofing and water tank waterproofing solutions on priority. The authority of waterproofing the space as per your choice gives house owners some additional perks of home waterproofing. Also taking care of your foundation is a must during the construction, for which applying for foundation repair services from 20MCC, can help in protecting your home foundation for years to come. 

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Apartment Waterproofing

While keeping in mind the rules and regulations of your apartment, one can perform apartment waterproofing in just simple steps. One needs to focus primarily on the following areas the most:

  1. Doors and windows

  2. Laundry area

  3. Interior walls

  4. Balcony

  5. Kitchen and sink

  6. Bathroom and vanity space

Taking the protection measures for your unit becomes a personal responsibility. Also, the balconies of the apartment are some of the biggest areas that are exposed to most water. Being prone to extreme moisture and rainwater, one should always look forward to expert guidance for the waterproofing of their balcony and ceiling. 

To get the most effective waterproofing for your apartment, during the construction of the building, you must do plasterwork using Micronsil 30C to let your building remain waterproofed for years to come.

How 20MCC Can Help?

You would wonder how 20MCC can help you in this journey of waterproofing the space you live in. Well, we have years of experience in providing expert waterproofing solutions. Providing strength and durability are our top priorities while we deal with any client or customer. Along with that, we have extremely interactive customer care services. Our waterproofing experts work hard to bring out the best-personalized waterproofing solutions for every customer. Do check this guide to waterproof your house, which explains the step wise procedure to waterproof your space using 20mcc waterproofing chemicals.

We keep in mind every corner of your house, apartment, or office while we finalize the immensely large range of waterproofing solutions that are built with extreme dedication and care at 20MCC. Our hi-tech waterproofing solutions promise to stay the longest and best. One can book a free consultation with us and can avail the chance of experiencing excellent waterproofing solutions.