Concrete Foundation Waterproofing Solutions



Complete Waterproofing Solutions for Concrete Foundations

Foundation Waterproofing Solutions
The concrete foundation of any structure plays a crucial role in the durability of an overall building. If not constructed properly, it can affect the resilience and strength of the building.  Therefore, it is essential to understand and suspect what’s wrong with the foundation. 

Well, the majority of foundation problems arise from water sources. However, wet soil beneath the foundation can swell or lose strength.

So, how can you find that your residential or commercial space is having foundation issues? 

These indicators include-

  • Cracks in foundation, walls, and floors

  • Exterior stair steps brick cracks

  • Foundation Settling and sinking

  • Doors that stick or don't open and close properly

  • Gaps around window frames and exterior doors

  • Sagging and uneven floors and many more.

These indicators show that the building requires foundation waterproofing or foundation repair as soon as possible. Foundation Waterproofing is the process of preventing water intrusion from subtle water seepage to flooding when the ground is over-saturated. To make the foundation strong, one needs to apply for foundation waterproofing applications, under the supervision of waterproofing experts’. Its goal is to drain away water and ensure a dry interior space below grade. So, it is essential to have a waterproof foundation before building a new project.

How to Waterproof a Foundation?

To Waterproof a Foundation, some points are suggested that must be kept in mind.

1. Scheduling and Planning for Concrete Waterproofing

It is essential to plan the layout for Waterproofing as it elevates the finish grade lines on the foundation walls. An architect further confirmed these lines. Proper scheduling and planning for foundation waterproofing with 20MCC will prevent your building from water damages, which occurs especially in the rainy season.

2. Preparing Your Foundation Walls for Waterproofing

The waterproofing experts from 20MCC ensure that the concrete foundation walls are fully cured and ready to take the foundation waterproofing system. There will be no loose material, debris, mud, dust, and cement laitance. It will prevent your waterproofing solution from sticking to it. Ensure to sweep off the wall slabs and keep other site workers away while preparing for the waterproofing. 

If the foundation is not strong, your wall could develop structural and non-structural foundational cracks, that could damage your building. To know in detail the difference between Structural And Non-Structural Foundation Cracks, read on this detailed blog.  

3. Priming Foundation Walls

Applying Micronsil 30 Cis the best product to use for plasterwork to give your foundation strong support. Applying this product will not require additional cement for polishing.

Micronsil 30C - A Construction Chemical

4. Waterproofing Curing Time

First, check the manufacturer's requirements for concrete curing time. With every sheet membrane, the concrete must be cured a minimum of seven days before membrane application.

5. Waterproofing Safety

Doing Waterproofing without safety instructions is not a good idea and also can be dangerous. The person must follow the safety program to comply with hazardous situations. Some safety concerns that go with Waterproofing are:

  • Flammable Materials

  • Respiratory Hazards

  • Skin Injuries

  • Injection Hazards

  • Eye Injuries

Steps to Concrete Foundation Waterproofing

Since project design, it would be great to invest time and money in the concrete foundation waterproofing to give your project a strong foundational base. Otherwise, you need to excavate the site and then fix the problem. However, it is very important to follow certain steps before performing concrete foundation waterproofing. Otherwise, foundation repair could be the most significant pain in your pockets. If you are looking for foundation repair services, contact no other than 20mcc to opt for these services. 

Foundation Repair Services

Even waterproofing barriers are the more extensive and comprehensive systems to prevent water penetration. So, the essential components while performing foundation waterproofing are:

  1. It is crucial to properly install the drainage system that is grade level and underground

  2. A proper installation of a waterproofing barrier to protect from water penetration.

Now, let's have a look at safety parameters while Waterproofing. 

Safety to Keep While Foundation Waterproofing 

The safety of an individual is always a top priority irrespective of the kind of job. Even nature intervention includes some elements that might harm the people's involvement.

While waterproofing your foundation, there are a few safety factors that must be kept in mind:

  1. Flammable Materials

  2. Respiration Hazards

  3. Skin Injuries

  4. Infection Hazard

  5. Eye Injuries

Many waterproofing materials are solvent-based. Solvent-based materials are more prone to catch fire, so keeping them far from the ignition source is advisable. Although, while working with waterproofing solutions, consulting the waterproofing experts is recommended to keep all the safety measures.

Get the Best Waterproofing Solution with 20MCC.

It is essential to repair the foundation when the base or framework of any building is damaged. However, the building base comprises concrete slabs, pillars, beam foundations that make the building a solid and robust structure to face any calamities.

Once you start observing cracks, fractures, the sinking of the foundation, sagging, gaps around exterior doors, and many more, it is high time to consult the waterproofing experts to get the foundation repair work done on the time.

With 20MCC waterproofing experts, you will get:

  • Proper diagnosis of the problem

  • Cover all issues related to foundation repair

  • Provide permanent solution to the foundation

  • We use the finest material that protects the building from natural disasters.

Also, if you want to know what makes us the top Waterproofing Experts In India, read this detailed blog.

It's time to nurture the foundation of the building again to live long with 20MCC foundation repair services. Consult us today and book an appointment for a free site inspection

So, without any further delays, consult for our expert assistance now!