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Buying A New Home? Look at These 5 Signs of Basement Damage One Must Look for

Home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling”, says Cecilia Ahern, the famous Irish author. So, when you're about to invest in something as valuable as a new home, make sure that it has a good foundation. And the best way to do this is double-checking if there is no basement damage. 

People focus on a better location, big kitchen, beautiful terrace, garden, etc., while house hunting. But missing out on nitty-gritty details like basement waterproofing could keep your and your loved one's health and wealth at stake. 

We understand that everyone is not an expert in doing so. So calling for expert help is required to perform basement waterproofing, which is a must to do. However, there are some visible signs of basement damage that you must not overlook while purchasing a new house. It is important that you look at the damage which you need to deal with; especially when it comes to basement issues. 

5 Signs of Basement Damage Home Buyers Need to Look Out For

Here is a guide for homebuyers to assess the red flags of basement damage before finalizing the property. As Inspection of a basement is so important before buying any new space. To know the points one should remember during basement inspection, do check this blog.

1. Mold Growth

2. Deteriorating Materials

3. Sinking Floors

4. Cracks

5. Bugs

1. Mold Growth

The basements are highly prone to water damage at any location. It may easily damage the foundation of a home if appropriate waterproofing solutions are not taken on time. So, one of the vivid warning signs to look out for is mold growth. 

Basement damage due to water problems is quite common because they are least exposed to sunlight. Also, if the basement has drainage issues, moisture, colder temperatures, and humidity give rise to molds. Besides damaging your home, it would also lead to serious health issues like lung damage. Before buying any house, look out for any white, powdery residue, discolored grayish spots, or reddish splotches. If such issues are present, treat them with waterproofing chemicals like Tigersil for immediate results. Otherwise, removing dampness from the basement becomes a nightmare. 

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2. Deteriorating Materials

Moisture retention in the basement would give rise to further damage to the house. Building materials like paint, basement floor, windows, and even doors become vulnerable and cost you a fortune. 

If early warning signs are detected, you can prevent basement damage and consequent material deterioration. But sometimes, the culprit behind paint peeling off or flaking occurs is not the water but the old age of the building. So, the best way to ensure the health of your desired home is to seek help from waterproofing experts. Because fixing basement damage at early  stages is still feasible. 

3. Sinking Floors

Another clear indicator of basement damage is sinking floors. While checking the basements, carefully examine whether its floor is even or not. If you find any unevenness or bubbling up on the floor, your basement is seriously troubled by water damage.

In such a case, the home’s foundation needs immediate attention. Besides swelling floors, you may also observe slab cracking or moisture accumulation. In case of leakages in the basement floors, waterproofing chemicals like Nanosil are recommended.  

Still, sinking floors remain an essential factor to consider while purchasing a new house to prevent you from future losses. So, if you find a sinking floor in one of the potential houses, contact the waterproofing experts right away!

4. Cracks

While inspecting the basement of a house, never underestimate any cracks that you may find. They are the root cause of basement leaks, which won’t even spare the construction chemicals. You can observe them on floors, walls, or even ceilings.

Waterproofing experts would never suggest leaving such basement damage unresolved. However, repairing the big and wide cracks and opting the suitable waterproofing solutions must be your priority. Otherwise, such massive cracks become an open invitation for basement damage leading to the destruction of the entire house sooner or later. However, for cracks, you can use Cracksil, a widely used crack filler and water-repellent in the construction industry. 

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5. Bugs

Finding bugs like centipedes, earwigs, roaches, etc., in your newly purchased home is the last thing you want to witness. These insects love to take shelter on damp surfaces. And basement damage like cracks and dampness makes entryways for bugs to further destroy the foundation of the building. 

So, if you observe bugs or pests in the basement, it is a sign that the property needs serious repair services. Consulting foundation repair services for basement waterproofing would be the right move. 

One can know the right approach to basement waterproofing, by checking this detailed blog. You can also work on the basement damage issues by working on these early signs. So, you must consider selecting the right waterproofing experts and services to save your basement from major damages.

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