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Basement Waterproofing Methods : A Guide to Waterproof Your Basement

Are you exhausted with your basement floods and leaks? Basement waterproofing is the ultimate solution to all of your issues. Waterproofing your basement is essential to keep it dry and mould-free. This further prevents structural damage to the foundation, walls, or any other part of your home. 

To resolve this, waterproofing contractors came up with providing the best of services, so that they can help you in assigning the best waterproofing services available for a clean basement.

 What is Basement Waterproofing? 

Basement Waterproofing is a technique of treating a surface to prevent water from passing through. A waterproofing system should ideally be watertight, strong, flexible, tear-resistant, reliable, and elastic, allowing it to stretch across cracks and move with the building envelope’s typical cyclic movement. 

Sounds great right, If you want to know what role 20MCC play for basement waterproofing, check this page too. Now let's look at the major approaches which can provide you with an effective solution for a dry basement. Say bye to leaks, moulds, seepages, flooding, moisture in your basement, and welcome to clean floors and aromatic smell. 

When it comes to providing Basement waterproofing solutions, there are many factors that are taken into consideration, like where is the house located, how is all the drainage foundation laid upon, depth below ground, and many more. Concerning the right waterproofing experts for the issue will guide you and save a lot when it comes to expenditure. One is assured to get effective waterproofing solutions that best suit your budget, is long-lasting in nature, and even undisruptive. 


So, when we talk about these qualities, what comes to our mind?

What Are The Different Types of Waterproofing, You Can Go With?  

1. Interior waterproofing: 

Creating an open space in the basement with interior drainage waterproofing or French draining technique is also known as internal waterproofing. It is the greatest option for a damp basement since it repairs leaks from the inside of your property. When you find your basement becoming moist and wet, it’s ideal to install inferior draining to prevent the formation of mould and mildew, which can cause unpleasant odors and bacteria that are dangerous to your health. It is done by installing pipes in the walls of your basement to carry water out and away from your foundation.


If you are looking for an effective and long-lasting solution, we suggest inferior draining as it is appealing to more customers because of its cost-effectiveness and its less disruptive nature.


2. Exterior waterproofing: 

When it comes to moist basements, the source of the problem is generally outside the house. While waterproofing your basement, it’s very important and crucial to look beyond the walls. Waterproofing on the outside is usually a bigger job than the basic sealing we do inside. Exterior Waterproofing involves the coating of membranes and polymers on the walls to get protection from leaks or moist walls. If you are tired of mould and mildews, then considering Exterior waterproofing will be the best solution to serve your basement, as exterior waterproofing significantly reduces the area for the growth of mould and even protect your structure from any damage by restricting the flow of moisture and termites to enter and cause destructions. With its advantages, it comes with a few flaws attached.


That’s why while considering the external waterproofing, it’s better to take advice from 20MCC waterproofing experts at Gujarat as it costs more and is even quite disruptive. As it involves the excavation of soil around the home foundation which is time-consuming and is more dangerous. 

Don’t wait for your basement to become stinky or release unwanted gases which are dangerous and interfere with your wellbeing.  Apply for our waterproofing services today to get rid of basement water blockage issues.

Basement Waterproofing Solutions

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