Best Construction Chemical Manufacturer in India



Why 20MCC, A Leading Construction Chemical Manufacturer in India?

Construction chemical manufacturers play an important role in the construction industry. Whether building the skyscrapers or repairing the old house, the construction chemicals play a huge role in these projects. 

There are tons of construction chemical manufacturers present around us; however, finding the right one to fulfill your needs could be tricky. 20MCC is a pioneer in serving the industry as a leading construction chemical manufacturer in India. We have a wide range of construction chemicals available, read this blog to know about them.

 Let's discuss what makes us the best. 

What 20MCC Offers?

1. Free consultation for inspecting the area that needs to be treated 

At 20MCC, the experts offer the best customer service by providing you with free consultation services, before starting the project. We analyze the areas and provide you with complete budget details. You can then choose to consult us for execution. If you want to book your free consultation service today book it here, by visiting our website. Our team will inspect the area by visiting the site according to the specified date and time and share the details. 

2. Supplies High-quality construction chemicals for waterproofing 

We all know that waterproofing is an essential part of any construction project. This ensures a 100% waterproof structure and prevents it from expensive damage. Our experts use high-quality waterproofing chemicals, a few of which are listed below:-

1. Metakreate - for providing compressive strength to the building 

  • It is a high-tech formulation made from a blend of minerals. 

  • It forms a strong layer of foundation and provides strength to any building, during construction. It is the best construction chemical for building bridges and providing strength to upto 30 story buildings. 

  • It is affordable and easy to use when mixed with cement. 

Metakrete - Bring Strength to Your Building

2. Micronsil 30C - This is a cement admixture that is used for both interior and exterior plaster and masonry work 

  • Micronsil 30C is an advanced construction chemical that shields your home from external damages and protect your paint for years to come. 

  • This also prevents water penetration into the foundations, concrete slabs, and walls to improve their load-bearing capacity. 

3. Micronsil 30C Plus for areas that need additional care and efficiency in instantly stopping running water. 

  • Micronsil 30C Plus is a construction chemical that is used in special areas of construction that are more prone to leakages. It forms a shield and prevents water leakage. This also creates a nonpermanent and enzyme-resistant coating on the concrete surface to prevent water penetration. 

Micronsil30C Plus - For Leakage Prone Areas

3. Manufactures products keeping the industry requirements in mind.

20MCC is a leading construction chemical manufacturer in India and is an expert providing a range of services to keep the structures waterproof. Being the established company and construction chemical provider across India, our services comply with all the needs of users whether they are related to waterproofing, plasterwork, water repellent services, and more. 

4. Provide apply and supply for all types of industrial projects 

Waterproofing is an important procedure in a construction project. 20MCC offers to apply and supply services for all types of industrial requirements. Thus, you can get our construction chemicals to use on your own or avail our services and sit back and relax.

5. Offer a wide range of products for applications in concrete, plaster curing, waterproofing chemicals, crack repair, and more.

  1. Waterproofing 

The waterproofing service ensures the prevention of your building from water leaks and damages. 

  1. Plaster Work 

With the Plasterwork procedure, you can put a protective layer over the concrete surfaces to protect them from environmental damage.  

  1. Crack Repair

You can cover the gaps between walls and floors with a crack repair solution to prevent possible damage. 

  1. Heat Insulation 

This technique helps to reduce the energy consumption in the building and prevent adverse heat gain through the structure envelope. 

  1. Water Repellents 

Water Repellents help to protect the structure from water damage and other damages incurred. 

  1. Precast Structure Construction

With Precast Structure Construction service, you can experience high-quality and environmentally friendly structures at an affordable cost. 

Precast Structure Construction service

  1. Foundation Repair 

This is an excellent way to protect the structure from collapsing or damage. Being a leading construction chemical manufacturer, the team at 20MCC has adequate experience working on foundation repair using high-quality materials. 

Consult The Best ​​Construction Chemical Manufacturer - 20MCC

Working on construction projects or protecting your house from water leakage could be difficult. However, experts like 20MCC make your life easy by offering high-quality construction chemicals and services within your budget. Know more about what makes us the Top Waterproofing Experts In India, through this detailed blog. Book your appointment with our waterproofing experts today.