Waterproofing For New Construction Site Process



6-Step Guide To Waterproofing For New Construction

Have you ever noticed that in recent times advertisements on TV talking about waterproofing and waterproofing for new construction have been increasing as a serious concern?

There are various waterproofing companies in India, even painting companies trying to explain to customers the importance of waterproofing through various measures. This is exactly how this article will be. Informative and a bit helpful towards the end by helping you choose the best waterproofing experts for your home. 

Now when it comes to building or constructing a new house, what are the primary things or prerequisites that you need to attend to? Everyone wants sturdy construction, right? Now does sturdy construction only mean using great-quality of cement and other construction building materials? Certainly not. It also encompasses employing experts who can waterproof your house well in advance.

Waterproofing for new construction should be taken very seriously unless you want to suffer perpetual leakages and occasional dripping giving you a rain-dance experience in monsoon every year in the house. So, in this article, we will cover some of the most significant topics like the importance of waterproofing and the process 20MCC Waterproofing Company follows in detail. So, let's go!

Importance of Waterproofing in Building Construction Projects -

When the construction is going on, there are many things that you need to take care of lest you might face problems later on once the construction is complete. One must be vigilant enough at the time of construction and ensure that the things that are essential in maintaining the sturdiness of the house for a longer time are installed and done properly. 

Now just like you would extreme attention to the foundation of the house while the construction is going on, similarly, you must also ensure that the foundation that you are building stays strong and lasts for a longer time. Usually, the basements suffer the most damage due to occasional leakages and water drippings, especially during monsoons. During monsoon, the continuous downpour may get to your basements ceilings if it is not waterproofed correctly. This can damage the basement and put your entire well-constructed house in jeopardy.

So, before we proceed any further, let us first see what is the importance of waterproofing and why is it something that needs your utmost attention.

  1. It fortifies the building

  2. It stops mould

  3. It lowers the expense of maintenance

  4. It creates a wholesome environment

  5. It raises a building's worth

1. It fortifies the building.

By reducing the number of points at which water and mildew can enter via the ceiling, walls, or floor, waterproofing for a new construction site can increase the longevity of your building. The structure can avoid problems including rust, rotting, corrosion, and degeneration if these sections are adequately protected from water penetration. As we discussed in the sections above, just constructing a house is not enough. It is necessary to get it done properly, especially with effective waterproofing chemicals, to avoid frequent damage. Chemicals like Micronsil 30C and Micronsil 30C plus are effective to use during construction. As frequent damages will demand repeated and regular repair work. All of that moisture can compromise the structural stability of your house and put you at risk of delamination if flooding or significant precipitation seeps into your walls and flooring. Waterproofing keeps the moisture out of your building and makes it more resilient to floodwater damage.

2. It stops mould.

 Waterproofing not only protects the integrity of the building but also guards against health issues. Mold or fungus grows as a result of moisture accumulation in the walls and ceiling. These germs have the potential to lead to severe health problems such allergies, asthma, and compromised immune systems. Critical issues may develop if not addressed or avoided. Mold growth is one of the main problems associated with water damage. Mold has the chance to grow and propagate throughout your house when there is too much moisture present. Thus during the construction of a home, the application of Micronsil 30C with cement admixture can protect your home for a long and prolongs the life of your construction. Adopting Waterproofing for construction projects will help significantly lower your risk of developing mould by preventing moisture from entering your property.

Nanosil for Leakage Prone Areas

3. It lowers the expense of maintenance.

Waterproofing is a practical way to avoid costly repairs. You can anticipate fewer maintenance issues if your facility is free of water damage. Electrical work, paint works, woodwork, and other property items are all susceptible to water damage. Consider all the appliances you have in your basement. If you're like most individuals, it's at the very least a heater, dryer, and washer. Your electronics will be protected from flooding if your foundation is waterproof, saving you hundreds of dollars in appliance replacement costs. The smallest quantity of water infiltrating into a structure can quickly lead to more enormous calamities since it can accumulate or damage concrete. 

4. It creates a wholesome environment

Effective waterproofing systems facilitate clean living and working spaces. It protects both the building and the occupants. Water is necessary for life, yet it can be harmful if it is present where it shouldn't be. Your family may endure a variety of health problems if mould is allowed to grow in your house due to excess moisture and elevated humidity. You'll live in a healthier, safer environment if waterproofing stops mould from forming in the first place. A structure that is prone to water deterioration is also prone to other flaws, and one mishap could have long-lasting effects.

5. It raises a building's worth.

Keep yourself at the buyer’s podium and think. Would you like to purchase a house that has visible big water stains all over its walls and ceilings? Or with a basement that needs heavy repairing every now and then? Nobody wants a home with poor waterproofing. Adopting the right measures for waterproofing solutions can stop water seepage from causing structural damage. It increases the value of your property while maintaining the building's visual appeal. Check how waterproofing can enhance the value of your property in this detailed blog

Water damage might be difficult to locate, but waterproofing your home or workplace can significantly reduce the danger. Therefore, waterproofing for new construction site should not be neglected. In fact, they should be assigned to a good waterproofing Company that has spent decades of years in this market and knows what fits the best. Some experts do not know what type of waterproofing will suit the best requirements of the house. For example, if waterproofing needs to be done in the basements, then different waterproofing chemicals will be sued for basement waterproofing as compared to a simple apartment’s waterproofing. This is why it is essential to know the step-by-step process of waterproofing. 

6-step Guide to Waterproofing for New Construction

Step 1: Site Review

Step 2: Assistance in Material Requirements

Step 3: Cost Estimation

Step 4: Construction Assistance

Step 5: Waterproofing Service

Step 6: Final Quality Check

6 Step Complete Construction process

1. Site Review 

Site review is the most important and must be done at the time of construction. The ideal time to waterproof is during construction. All brick and cement work, pillars and bases, roof slabs, rendering, basements, and plastering can be done at this stage by employing a high-quality aqueous waterproofing mixture with cement and sand. If you want to waterproof your house, you must include the terrace, the basement, and other exposed parts. 20MCC, a waterproofing company does the site inspection by booking a free consultation. Our experts will inspect your area and suggest the best quote for waterproofing. 

Site Review Process

2. Assistance in Material Selection

This is another crucial step. The right kind and amount of waterproofing chemicals that you might need for your building are very important. We suggest you use 20 MCC waterproofing solutions, as they are quite reasonable and effective. But if you are adamant about doing the research and working on your own, you must consult a good waterproofing company that will guide and assist you effectively. 

3. Cost Estimation 

If you are running on a tight budget, using the correct quantity of waterproofing chemicals is quintessential, otherwise, you might end up spending more than required and still be unsatisfied. To avoid this, consult waterproofing experts - 20 MCC. Our experts will assist you with the adequate amount of chemicals to be used to cover a particular area. Get the feasible cost estimation plan for services with our experts today. 

4. Construction Assistance 

20 MCC waterproofing company will assist you in the construction. As already discussed how waterproofing is necessary at the time of construction, but even if your construction is done and then you realize the importance of waterproofing, it can be done later as well. If you have rain and severe weather weakened the condition of your walls, water is leaking through damaged walls or gaps between the bricks, and water frequently seeps into old and damaged plastering, resulting in dampness and moisture buildup, then this needs to be fixed right away because it could ruin your property. Here, a strong two-component acrylic waterproofing system could work well. With a lengthy warranty, another polymer-modified mortar can be used to waterproof all types of concrete restorations and plasters.

5. Water Proofing Services 

After all the above steps are properly accomplished, the next step is applying waterproofing solutions. Waterproofing can be of different types like concrete and epoxy waterproofing depending on the type of construction requirements. The type of waterproofing service and chemicals to be required can only be decided by consulting a waterproofing company. Only experts can decide what type of waterproofing chemicals should be used that will fit best. However, these chemicals should be mixed with house-building materials, and then the construction can be done to ensure that waterproofing is proper and it will never wear off. Here, 20 MCC, we provide a feasible waterproofing solution for new construction site and knows exactly what needs to be done and how. 

6. Final Quality Check 

This step is an as important step that includes a final check and examination of the area, once waterproofing is done. This step ensures that the waterproofing is done correctly and the construction is now sturdy and free from any damage. 20MCC team of experts ensures all the work is performed in a correct manner from site review to final check in an effective way.


If we summarize in a nutshell, we can say that waterproofing sounds like an easy job but it actually isn’t. Thus, waterproofing for new construction sites should be taken up with utmost sincerity trusting only the best waterproofing company like 20 MCC can perform it in an effective way. Our team will help you with the step-by-step process and will save you all the additional costs that might incur if you mix unwanted or low-quality waterproofing chemicals. So, save yourself and your house by waterproofing your space with 20 MCC.