Roadsil P, the ultimate chemical solution for road maintenance.



Pothole Prevention: A Comprehensive Guide to Safeguarding Your Road from Damage with Roadsil P

Around the world, potholes are a widespread and annoying problem for both drivers and pedestrians. These hollows appear on roads, sidewalks, or parking lots as a result of poor maintenance. Pothole prevention and the ultimate chemical solution for road maintenance - Roadsil P. Manufactured by 20 MCC, is a revolutionary product designed to address a wide range of road issues, including edge deformation, utility cuts, edge repairs, and small carpeting jobs on both asphalt and concrete surfaces. Potholes are a persistent problem that can cause inconvenience, accidents, and increased maintenance costs. With Roadsil P, you can effectively combat these issues and ensure the longevity and durability of your roads. Roadsil P is your go-to solution for maintaining safe and smooth road surfaces. In the following sections, we will delve deeper into the benefits and applications, empowering you with the knowledge to safeguard your roads effectively.  

Advantages of Roadsil P for Road Maintenance:

1. Roadsil P is Cost and Time Efficiency:

It eliminates the need for on-site equipment, cutting costs and time for projects. When compared to other approaches, it saves time by providing an instant bonding solution thanks to its rapid setting characteristics.

2. Environmentally Friendly Solution: 

By providing a maintenance option that is pollution-free and environmentally responsible, it supports the Go Green movement. Because of its ready-to-use formulation, which requires little unskilled labor and lowers carbon emissions, sustainability is promoted.

3. Long-Lasting Results:

It ensures extended service life for repaired potholes. It minimizes issues like reeling, bleeding, and permanent deformation, maintaining stability even under high pavement temperatures. This durability prevents material loss, sticking, or picking up by vehicle tires.

4. Roadsil P Helps in Traffic Management:

Unlike conventional road repairs, it allows for instant readiness for traffic. With no need for traffic diversion or congestion, it minimizes disruptions, ensuring smooth traffic flow and minimizing inconvenience for road users.

5. Weather Resistant:

It is effective in all weather conditions. Its high resistance to water stripping and excellent skid resistance ensure that roads remain durable and safe, even during harsh weather conditions.

6. Roadsil P is a Time-Saving and Permanent Solution: 

It offers a ready-to-use product with instant setting capabilities. This time-saving solution is guaranteed to provide long-term results, eliminating the need for frequent repairs and reducing overall maintenance costs.

Steps to Utilize Roadsil P for Road Maintenance:

1. Identify and Mark: 

Begin by identifying and marking the damaged area that requires repair. This helps ensure targeted and efficient application of Roadsil P.

2. Remove Water and Dry Surface:

Before application, eliminate any stagnant water and make sure the surface is as dry as possible. This prepares the area for optimal bonding and effectiveness of Roadsil P.

3. Thoroughly Sweep: 

Use a bristle brush or broom to thoroughly sweep the affected area. This step removes clay, dirt, and dust, creating a clean surface that promotes better adhesion of Roadsil P.

4. Mix and Apply: 

Follow the instructions provided and mix Part A and Part B of Roadsil P. Once mixed, apply the solution to fill up the patches, ensuring a level surface. This step effectively repairs the damaged area.

5. Set and Compact:

Allow a setting time of approximately 4 hours after compacting the repaired area. This ensures optimal durability and strength of the treated surface.

6. Ready for Traffic: 

After the repair is complete, the area can be made accessible to traffic. To ensure adequate application and the greatest possible effectiveness of Roadsil P, it is advised to utilize the entire bag once it has been opened.


Potholes can be a significant nuisance, causing damage to vehicles and posing safety risks for road users. With Roadsil P, which is manufactured by 20 MCC is an innovative chemical solution for road maintenance, you can effectively prevent pothole formation and safeguard your roads. With Roadsil P, you can say goodbye to the pain brought on by potholes and ensure safer and smoother roads. When water seeps into cracks in the road surface, it can freeze and expand during colder months, leading to the weakening of the pavement. Subsequent traffic loads cause the pavement to crack and break, resulting in the formation of potholes. Invest in this product to enjoy smoother rides, reduced repair costs, and long-lasting road infrastructure. Choose Roadsil P for a safer and more reliable driving experience. Contact us to get the best possible service and prevent your cars from damage by getting the best and most effective solution. Our dedicated team will be delighted to assist you in safeguarding your roads and providing a durable road maintenance solution.