Waterproofing solutions for Paint peeling



From Apply to Supply: 20MCC's Waterproofing Expertise in Gujarat

Protecting your space from water damage requires waterproofing. If your property is not properly waterproofed, it can be susceptible to leaks, cracks, and other problems that can lead to costly repairs. Similarly, structures require long-lasting protection against water ingress and moisture-related issues, making waterproofing crucial for their longevity. We at 20MCC offer a wide selection of supply and apply services for waterproofing systems. Our solutions meet a variety of needs, including those for concrete admixtures, plaster curing agents, waterproofing chemicals, and crack filling. In addition, we provide solutions for problems including efflorescence, salt, algae/fungi, paint peeling, moisture, and materials that repel water.

Targeting Cities in Gujarat

We are dedicated to serving waterproofing solutions to structures in major cities in Gujarat, such as Vadodara, Surat, Ahmedabad, and Rajkot. Our expert team is well-equipped to address unique waterproofing challenges in these cities. We offer our unmatched services based on our expertise in apply and supply, ensuring that our clients' structures are protected from moisture-related issues.

Our Product Offerings:

We understand the diverse needs of our clients and offer a wide range of waterproofing solutions that cater to these needs.

1. Admixtures for Concrete: 

Our high-quality admixtures are designed to reinforce the durability and waterproofing capabilities of your concrete structures.

2. Plaster Curing Compounds: 

Achieve crack-free and long-lasting plasterwork with our specialized curing compounds.

3. Waterproofing Chemicals:

Our range of chemicals is designed to provide effective protection against water ingress, ensuring the longevity of your structures.

4. Crack Repair Products: 

Address wide cracks in concrete with our reliable and efficient crack repair solutions.

5. Efflorescence Control Solutions: 

Say goodbye to unsightly efflorescence on your walls or floors with our effective control products.

6. Salt and Mold Solutions: 

Our specialized products are designed to tackle salt issues and prevent mold growth.

7. Paint Peel-Off Prevention: 

Preserve the integrity of your paint by using our products that prevent peeling caused by water infiltration.

8. Dampness Treatment: 

Combat dampness issues and protect your structures from moisture-related damage.

9. Water-Repellent Products: 

Create a hydrophobic barrier on various surfaces with our water-repellent solutions, preventing water ingress.

Comprehensive Range of Waterproofing Solutions

We take pride in offering superior waterproofing products that cater to various specific needs. Some of our exclusive products are listed below:

1. Cracksil: 

If you are dealing with wide cracks in concrete, Cracksil is the ideal solution. It effectively repairs and restores the integrity of damaged concrete structures.

2. Nanosil: 

Nanosil is a revolutionary waterproofing chemical that provides a hydrophobic barrier, sealing out moisture from the applied surface. Beneath the surface, this chemical also retains a strong chemical bond with the substrate. This product works like a lotus leaf, repelling water and ensuring long-lasting protection.

3. Tigersil: 

Tigersil is an advanced industrial waterproofing chemical developed using nanotechnology. It is the greatest waterproofing solution for a variety of issues, including terrace leaking, salt & mold buildup, paint peeling, wall moisture, and more.

4. Micronsil 30 C Plus: 

These waterproofing solutions are specifically formulated for achieving waterproofed plaster, mortar, roof, and wall surfaces. It provides excellent protection against water ingress and ensures the longevity of your structures.

Our Expertise in Apply and Supply in Various Industries With 5 Years of Warranty

We have honed expertises in the application and supply of essential products and services, focusing primarily on waterproofing and construction chemicals. These specialized solutions are carefully tailored to meet the unique requirements of various industries, ensuring optimal performance and long-lasting results. Moreover, we take pride in offering an exceptional 5-year warranty, providing our clients with peace of mind and confidence in the reliability and durability of our offerings.

Trust Us for Unmatched Waterproofing Solutions

When it comes to waterproofing services in Gujarat, 20MCC is the name you can trust. Our commitment to quality, unmatched expertise, and comprehensive range of solutions have made us the preferred choice for waterproofing needs. Allow us to protect your structures and ensure long-lasting durability in Gujarat's challenging environment.

Contact us today to discuss your waterproofing requirements, and experience our expertise in apply and supply services. Let us help you create a watertight and secure environment for your projects with our unmatched waterproofing services.